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  • Consequently we had a lot of downhill work.
  • To roll downhill was simple.
  • But then it ran downhill and going became almost too easy.
  • Going downhill they appeared to be hurling themselves into space.
  • How fast a fellow goes downhill when he once gets his head before his legs.
  • The tops of the felled trees should point downhill as much as possible.
  • The true home stretch was a long downhill run straight to the goal.
  • Afterwards--well, it was downhill all the way.

How To Use Downhill In A Sentence?

  • It is marvelous how quickly leather wears out in the downhill friction of granite and shale.
  • We measured the first of his downhill jumps, and it amounted to eighteen of my rather short steps.
  • Fort Shakie was on its downhill way in those days, and almost at the bottom of the decline.
  • The road from A to B is uphill for 5 mi., level for 4 mi., and then downhill for 6 mi.
  • But I felt my regard for her slipping downhill (and so, I rather think did Yerkes).
  • If you are returning downhill you need not be surprised to learn that the distance by the same road is only thirty li.
  • Uphill the pace is slow because it cannot be fast; downhill it is slow for fear of the train running away.
  • If people be travelling downhill the devil is always conveniently at hand to give the vehicle they occupy a shove.
  • It was downhill, and running on your hind-legs for any distance downhill is an awkward performance at best.
  • Wondering, she led the way downhill to where a little boat lay with its bow upon the grassy sward which ran into the water.
  • With some difficulty the bus was turned round in the narrow street and we went downhill again, coming at length to the entrance of another fonda.
  • But disdaining both his reply and his peace-offering, Meg strode defiantly downhill after the caravan.
  • He started downhill almost immediately, well-knowing that these dark-skinned devils would return reinforced to seek revenge.
  • In fat the drop remains compact, in salt it divides infinitely, runs downhill in general and uphill in a loaf of sugar.
  • The world had gone a long way downhill since young Athanasius had sung his song of triumph over fallen heathenism.
  • His rider was sitting still, holding the horn with one hand, trying to adjust her body to the thumping jar of the downhill run.
  • He steered a general downhill course which he knew in time must intersect a wagon trail which led past the French ranch and thence home.
  • A divergence two miles further will take us downhill across the Rother to Selham (with a station close to the village).
  • As Ramon's hands went up, he stepped out and, crouching behind the ridge, took the other's rifle and drove him downhill to his horse.
  • How regularly and steadily things had gone downhill with me for a long time, till, in the end, I was so curiously bared of every conceivable thing.
  • In the centre is a representation of Paradise with Adam grafting an apple tree and Eve running downhill to pick up a pineapple.
  • Muller found that young turtles emerge from the nests in the night or early morning and always go downhill probably influenced in their movements by the open sky and sloping beach.
  • After that they wound downhill beside the growing burn, past brakes of thorn and hazel and over banks of stones, until a long wood led them to the road.
  • We had five miles of fairly level road through open forest along the rim, and then we struck such a rocky jumble of downhill grade that the bundles fell off the wagon.
  • So far as practicable fire lines should be on the tops of ridges, for, being slower to go downhill than up, fire is more easily discouraged just as it reaches a crest.
  • Accordingly, we proceed along the downhill track at breakneck speed, and come clattering and shouting into the village, amid much bustle and excitement.

Definition of Downhill

Located down a slope or hill. | Going down a slope or a hill. | (by extension) Easy.

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