Downright in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Downright

1. This was a downright lie. 🔊

2. It was downright butchery. 🔊

3. The other eyed them with downright amazement. 🔊

4. A downright savage would have more restraint. 🔊

5. No; this is downright earnest. 🔊

6. He was downright in all things, even in love-making. 🔊

7. You see, she was rather a downright young person. 🔊

8. That's little short o' downright wastrie. 🔊

9. In downright English he was hideous. 🔊

10. My God, man, this is getting downright fantastic! 🔊

11. The using of them is just as downright and inexcusable a lie. 🔊

12. It's downright hard on the other one. 🔊

13. Malice can cause as much unhappiness as downright wickedness. 🔊

14. This was looked upon by our brave soldiers as a downright shame. 🔊

15. I call it downright selfish of the doctor to go away and never think of me. 🔊

16. When it comes to plain, downright pessimism, you take the cake. 🔊

17. The Australian cousins seemed downright stupid and uninteresting. 🔊

18. At this Csaky's mirth became downright uproarious. 🔊

How to use Downright in Sentences?

1. She instantly berated her impulsive criticism as a bit of downright caddishness. 🔊

2. Not rude, the act savoured somehow of the downright free bigness of unconvention. 🔊

3. Now, is it not a downright blasphemy to turn thus a holy evangelist into a perfect idolater? 🔊

4. Yet though they met with many rebuffs, they met very little downright impertinence. 🔊

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