Downwards In A Sentence

How To Use Downwards In A Sentence?

  • She put out the light and threw herself, as she was, face downwards on the bed.
  • On one of them was a long fawn-coloured tailor-made coat, hanging collar downwards over the back.
  • One man lay face downwards on the ground, and it was easy to see he would never need help again.
  • The wire now works as far as Sooro, and is also erected downwards from Senafe to Rayray Guddy.
  • One he stuck on a hook on top of a couple of ducks, and it flopped over face downwards on their breasts.
  • Big shadows wave over them, there is the eternal noise of water falling icily downwards from the source of death overhead.
  • Then the rain fell heavily, and brooks and mountain streams began to swell and rush downwards to the valleys.
  • All at once a hand was thrust out from behind the screen, and a sudden shower of gold fell downwards from that glittering crown.
  • She had locked her door, and thrown herself face downwards on the carpet, and was sobbing as if her heart would break.
  • An officer told me exactly how many guns from 9.2's downwards we used, all firing at once.
  • I had come over difficult country, plodding upwards on tiptoe and then downwards with a lazy swing from stone to stone for miles.
  • They cross the sun like a white cloud, and when they swoop downwards to the ground the air vibrates with the hum of whirling wings.
  • He was lying face downwards on the sand, with his arms flung out before him, when a low distant sound suddenly broke the stillness.
  • Within a quarter of an hour after we left the wharf, making a sweep downwards in order to take a large brig in tow from her moorings in the stream.
  • It was a bad ten seconds, but I made my election and turned the notes face downwards on the desk.
  • Hugh was utterly exhausted: he could just paddle with a hand or kick downwards to keep his head above water, but he gave away one breath yet.
  • I saw him sink deeper and deeper into the drift, until at length, absolutely exhausted, he threw up his arms and fell face downwards in the snow.
  • He perceived more clearly the cruelty of Nature, to whom our refinement and piety are but as bubbles, hurrying downwards on the turbid waters.
  • To his own after-annoyance and shame, whenever he remembered it, Eustace flung himself face downwards on the ground and fairly sobbed.
  • But he only pointed downwards to where lay his ill-fated victim; and shook his head, looking all woebegone, in mad, mute misery.
  • The view is particularly fine both Downwards and seawards, though the hill is not half the altitude of Cissbury.
  • I hear that they are now beginning to build downwards into the earth, but this will not change the appearance of New York for a long time.
  • The leaf or scroll which is wanted for the work must now be selected, and the pricked design laid face downwards on the fabric which is to be applied.
  • The road led downwards into a broadening valley, where the smell of flowers came about me, and the mountain walls withdrew and were no longer overwhelming.
  • The burrow is sunken perpendicularly, with short passages leading to the cells, which are slightly inclined downwards and outwards from the main gallery.
  • The surface water finds its way downwards between strips of coagulum and the partitions, thus increasing the upward tension between the free and adhering portions.
  • Another, that the upper part of the face, forehead, eys and nose incline very much to be like the mother; but downwards it is every bit the Father.
  • It is best to brush the teeth crosswise for two minutes and then spend another two minutes brushing the upper teeth downwards and the lower teeth upwards.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Downwards | Downwards Sentence

  • There will then be a draft downwards through this opening.
  • Marjorie had flung herself face downwards on the bed.
  • She drew him softly downwards to his knees.
  • She pointed downwards over the edge of the cliff.
  • Deane looked downwards upon his blotter.
  • He was lying face downwards at the return of sensation.
  • For hours I lay face downwards on my bed.
  • Here he saw a flight of wooden steps which led downwards into darkness.
  • Possibly, before the land swayed downwards something fell which covered them.
  • His voice would sink downwards instead of rising upwards out of his throat.
  • He lay like a log, face downwards upon the sodden leaves just inside the gate.
  • Give up this mad freak, for no rain will be found by going downwards on Aniwa.

Definition of Downwards

Towards a lower place; towards what is below. | Towards something which is lower in order, smaller, inferior, etc.
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