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  • I can doze on the way.
  • He then sunk back into his doze again.
  • Do not doze after it is time to get up.
  • He was falling into a half doze at last.
  • Old men doze on the grocery bench.
  • All at once, the doze had ended.
  • The feverish doze lasted on till after midnight.
  • His horse might doze saddled in the street if he liked.
  • He drank it, and seemed to doze for a little.
  • I turned round to doze again, but sleep had down.
  • Nunes Algibebe por dez ou doze pintos.
  • After my doze I returned to camp, to dinner.
  • By God's mercy you'll get in a sweat and maybe doze a bit.
  • I do not mean that they can do this and doze during the process.
  • She was awakened from a doze by a knocking at the street-door.
  • He woke from a sort of doze to find that it was twenty-five past.
  • Just then the broken-down swell woke up from his doze and demanded his flask.
  • Tad was beginning to doze off when Stacy nudged him in the ribs.
  • Waking up out of a doze when I went in, he held out his hand.
  • The heat seemed to make me drowsy, for I began to doze once more.
  • Well, I doze a little, sometimes, but that always was my way.
  • If I doze off for a moment I wake up, thinking I hear their yells.

How To Use Doze In A Sentence?

  • After reading an hour or so the lieutenant fell into a doze from which he awoke with a start.
  • I wakened from a troubled doze to find her dressing herself with feverish haste.
  • I had just begun to doze again when our engine let out a frightful scream for brakes.
  • Frequently she would doze in her chair; but the slightest movement on the bed aroused her.
  • He slept in uneasy snatches, and when he did doze off was tormented by hideous nightmares.
  • In a doze she caught herself wondering if the wounded man in the next room would live.
  • For a penny it would stay at home and doze upon the hearth, to await a playmate from the north.
  • As for him, he would doze a little over his foolish book, as became a man along in years.
  • Sarah Spencer sprang out of her doze in consternation, and gazed blankly at the shrieking child.
  • Harriet, after making sure that Grace was slumbering, once more permitted herself to doze off.
  • Nor do I yawn at dinner behind a napkin, or doze in the firelight when there are guests about.
  • She seemed to doze after that, and when Marcello came back she knew him, and took his hand.
  • Queen Grumpy knitted busily until the logs burned low, when she began to nod and doze also.
  • Mrs. Ogilvie got into bed, and closing her eyes, prepared to doze off into delicious slumber.
  • In the dining-room Mrs. Royall awoke from a light doze and piled fresh logs on the fire.

Definition of Doze

(intransitive) To sleep lightly or briefly; to nap, snooze. | (transitive) To make dull; to stupefy. | (intransitive, slang) To bulldoze.
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