Dozed In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dozed | Dozed Sentence

  • Mike dozed off again.
  • Everywhere they dozed and nodded.
  • One or the other dozed at times.
  • In a few minutes she dozed again.
  • Showdown dozed in the desert heat.
  • She dozed into a contented sleep.
  • Na-che always dozed during the stops.
  • Harold several times dozed off to sleep.
  • And he sat down, and dozed again.
  • He became sleepy and dozed in his chair.
  • She looked at her father; he had dozed off.
  • The old woman dozed before the fire and snored.
  • She leaned her head back and dozed a little.
  • She had dozed off into slumber, sitting there alone.
  • Sunlight dozed on the floor . . .
  • I joined them, and for several hours we dozed fitfully.
  • She dozed at last, her face serene and beatific.
  • Madame Nanteuil dozed off again in her chair.
  • Old Grammont dozed off into dreamland.
  • Yes; you must 'a' dozed off.
  • But Moses neither dozed nor nodded.
  • Eventually I dozed off, there being nothing else to do.
  • Nevertheless I dozed off and slept till early daylight.
  • Then he woke with a start, and found out that he had dozed off.
  • Two of the party dozed inert and stupefied in their sleeping-bags.
  • Jason had an anti-pain shot and dozed off as soon as they started.
  • Three of us with a bull-pup in the bows dozed under the afternoon sun.
  • He smoked his cigarette comfortably through, and dozed off slowly.
  • In spite of the terrific din made by the guns he at last dozed off to sleep.
  • I was very faint and weak still, and soon dozed off to sleep.
  • Once she dozed lightly, to awaken with an intensified sense of tragedy.
  • For a long time he could not sleep, but at last he dozed off.
  • She dozed in her chair, although they could not induce her to go to bed.
  • He dozed and tossed, his lips moving occasionally in a soundless mutter.
  • I went to sleep then and dozed off and on till noon, when the storm abated.

How To Use Dozed In A Sentence?

  • Roger did feel better after he had cleaned the two dishes and he dozed a little.
  • Then he grinned rather sheepishly, realizing that he had dozed off with his clothes on.
  • He went back to bed and dozed intermittently until his servant came in to call him.
  • He dozed off, and it seemed only an instant later when he was awakened by a harsh cry.
  • Then he lay down on his skin couch, pulled his blanket over him, and dozed off.

Definition of Dozed

simple past tense and past participle of doze

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