Dragooned In A Sentence

Definition of Dragooned

simple past tense and past participle of dragoon

How To Use Dragooned In A Sentence?

  • When death is a relief, and the only relief it appears that you will afford him, will he be dragooned into tranquillity?
  • And, again, a man does not like to be dragooned into a filial feeling for his wife's family.
  • He could not be dragooned into denying his faith, and he was therefore imprisoned, preparatory to his expulsion from France.
  • Metz, now part of German Lorraine, was probably not so ferociously dragooned as other places.
  • For his sake she has learned all the womanly little accomplishments which Mrs. Kittridge has dragooned into Sally.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dragooned | Dragooned Sentence

  • He had expected it for a week, and carefully dragooned his Molly.

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