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  • The Drake had two guns the advantage of her adversary.
  • James P. Drake was a gambler!
  • Shortly afterwards Drake left for Palestine.
  • Tinbadge, by Drake C. Denver, pseud.
  • Translated by Drake & Denise DeKay.
  • The desert desperadoes, by Drake C. Denver, pseud.
  • The white ring about the neck of the drake is an important part of the marking.
  • By adult duck or drake is meant a bird which is over one year old.
  • By young duck or drake is meant a bird which is less than one year old.
  • Wildcats of Tonto Basin, by Drake C. Denver, pseud.
  • Vigo was also captured by the English under Drake in 1585 and in 1589.
  • They are the mandarin duck and drake of Morokoshi transplanted to Yotsuya.
  • Sir Francis Drake first brought tobacco to England about 1586.
  • Penciled Runner Drake and White Runner Drake 37 15.
  • Penciled Runner Drake on left and White Runner Drake on right.
  • Colored Muscovy Drake and White Muscovy Drake 29 11.
  • DENVER, DRAKE C., pseud.
  • Mr. DRAKE said he had a better thing than the Pacific Railway.
  • Upper--Rouen Drake showing summer plumage.

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  • The colored portion of the head of the drake is darker than that of the duck in this variety.
  • Avoid any grayish stippling on the breast of the drake and also on the wing-bows.
  • White feathers in the fluff of the drake is another color defect which must be guarded against.
  • At this season the Rouen drake assumes a plumage resembling quite closely that of the female.
  • But this is no discredit to them, for so were Drake and Hawkins and the others.
  • Ten years afterwards (1595) Drake was again at the head of a similar expedition.
  • The drake on the other hand utters a cry which is not nearly so loud or harsh but which is more of a hissing sound.
  • As a rule on commercial duck farms the birds are mated in the proportion of about one drake to seven ducks.
  • Arrived at No. 17, Drake Street, Bounder altogether declined to touch the offending boots.
  • The fiery dragon or drake and the flying dragon of the air were national phenomena of which we have frequent accounts in old books.
  • Where this is the case it becomes necessary to mate a smaller number of females to a drake than would be the case with smaller and younger breeders.
  • As in the Pekin black on the bill or bean of the drake will disqualify and in the duck is a serious defect.
  • Sometimes a drake will show a rough neck, that is, the feathers on the back of the neck will be crossed or folded over showing a tendency to curl.
  • Sometimes the head of the drake runs too dark in color approaching a greenish black like the head of the Rouen.
  • The crew became much disheartened, but Drake encouraged them, so that they resolved to endure the uttermost.
  • A broadside engagement commenced, and continued at close quarters for an hour, when the Drake surrendered.
  • About the time the noble original was put up in England Drake might have been sailing somewhere off this very coast.
  • The heroes sail as lads with Drake in the Pacific expedition, and in his great voyage of circumnavigation.
  • Burton stood perfectly calm, though the stones hit him right and left, and Drake also displayed cool bravery.
  • Color defects which are likely to be encountered and which should be avoided are the tendency for the head of the drake to run to a chestnut color and for his neck to be too light or faded out in color.

Definition of Drake

A mayfly used as fishing bait. | (poetic) A dragon. | (historical) A small piece of artillery.
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