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  • It is with him a dramatic secret.
  • This dramatic situation appealed to them.
  • Cobham is well built for dramatic display.
  • Hill has woven a clever and dramatic plot.
  • That's needful for the purposes of dramatic construction.
  • This is what Aristotle called the rising arc of dramatic action.
  • Killed," he said, dramatic to the last....
  • One cables back: "The scene was dramatic in the extreme.
  • If I were writing a romance it would, with dramatic fitness, end here.

How To Use Dramatic In A Sentence?

  • A book original in conception and most powerful and dramatic in development.
  • He has never told an intensely absorbing story with more dramatic directness than this one.
  • To acquire emotional power and dramatic action the preacher should study the great dramatists.
  • The dramatic effect, as it then seemed to me, has never been equalled in my experience.
  • No one will marvel that, in this mood, I even essayed my own powers as a dramatic author.
  • At the most, a European war would be a dramatic episode in the reconstruction I had in view.
  • And to lose no time she went at me with an abruptness and dramatic earnestness which promptly betrayed the secret.
  • In them we find the fullest measure of dramatic truth combined with the most delicious ear-tickling.
  • That very evening he would sketch out a new dramatic movement around which all the other movements of the act would cluster.
  • Written in an inviting manner, it preserves throughout a lively pictorial charm and dramatic interest.
  • The music is always excellent and sometimes great, but persistently symphonic and not dramatic in character.
  • To know the temper of the times with accuracy, is one of the first talents requisite to a dramatic author.
  • Many scenes of real suffering appear under a dramatic guise, and here and there creep out bits of personal history.
  • She lent her whole mind to the conversation, interested in the account that the young man gave of his dramatic aspirations.
  • These two dramas were lost sight of till the end of the eighteenth century, and they are superior to later dramatic efforts.
  • Curly, now taking an impersonal interest in the dramatic aspect of the affair, solemnly turned away his head.
  • It had been a triumph of personality, one of those rare dramatic occasions when the right man and the appointed time come together.
  • I now ventured to the scene of merrymaking, and, presenting myself before the dramatic corps, offered myself as a volunteer.
  • Its defects are, that none understand, neither priests nor people understand what any part of its dramatic ceremonies mean.
  • Be it remembered, that the Pagans had no other ideas of these matters, than those of dramatic effect.
  • I could not take her in my hand, and throw myself on my knees, and crave his forgiveness and his blessing according to dramatic usage.
  • The incidents of a tale are so distorted, for stage use and dramatic effect, as to make these literary forms of small avail.
  • Judy struck a dramatic attitude and Molly was obliged to laugh, in spite of the serious faces of the others.
  • Once let the boys know that he had followed her from the East, and there would be a dramatic end to all his hopes and dreams.
  • Incidentally he is ambitious to be a dramatic poet, and his childhood is simply that of Wolfgang Goethe.
  • The Weimarians were very fond of play-acting, and Goethe became their purveyor of dramatic supplies.
  • The dramatic power of the dialogues of Plato appears to diminish as the metaphysical interest of them increases (compare Introd.
  • In their endeavor to avoid the dramatic and sensational, they have refined and subdued many of their most natural and effective means of expression.
  • Later in life, as we shall see, Goethe decided not only to save his hero, but to make his salvation a part of the dramatic action.
  • Many of the critics of the evening press were his personal friends, and nearly all were young men in full sympathy with the new school of dramatic thought.
  • To all the natural gifts of voice and utterance she added a most perfect taste, and that nicely subdued dramatic feeling which lends to reading its great fascination.

Definition of Dramatic

Of or relating to the drama. | Striking in appearance or effect. | Having a powerful, expressive singing voice.
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