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  • Frowsy women draped themselves over the window-sills.
  • The cathedral and the churches are draped in mourning.
  • Moss carpeted the roof and draped its supports.
  • America coming toward me draped in the stars and stripes.
  • A draped figure, addressing two figures naked and ashamed.
  • Clean white sheets had been draped over the skins of the couch.
  • The gallery of the triforium itself is draped with arras and rich draperies.
  • A decayed hemlock is draped as if by hands for some solemn festival.
  • The doors, draped with heavy tapestry curtains, are all open.
  • The body had been sewn up in coarse canvas, the Union Jack draped over it.
  • He had said, "Wait till spring," and now-the universe was draped in gloom.

How To Use Draped In A Sentence?

  • Sidney saw that the window which looked upon this space was draped with a sheet.
  • She also hung the windows with green curtains and draped the mantelpiece with the same material.
  • Devil-worship remains what it was, even when the idol is draped in the national flag.
  • She draped herself on the top of my desk among the pens and ink bottles and leaned towards me.
  • They placed him upon a high, draped platform, where there was a small chair and nothing else.
  • Beautiful figure in cowl, curly hair and beard, finely draped habit with loose sleeves.
  • With great care Martha draped the table with the white linen, and replaced the lily.
  • A great shawl draped the small form; the golden hair, a flurry of tangles, floated around it.
  • Her head is draped with a sort of Greek turban, beneath which her hair escapes in flying curls.
  • The cotton gum is draped in cottony white down as the new shoots start and the leaves unfold in spring.
  • The women were all draped in ochre-coloured blankets, fastened under the arm-pits and reaching to below the knee.
  • The platform should be draped in black, and a canopy of black drapery may be raised over the urn and platform.
  • These seven must wear green robes or mantles and hold the cornstalks, with their hands draped by the mantle.
  • Her hands drooped in their vigour, her knees were crossed, and her skirts draped them in long simple lines.
  • Mrs. Hildredth has changed the costume from a dress suit to a mantle draped about the shoulders.
  • And mademoiselle draped her eyes with their long, dark lashes, as though her maiden modesty quailed before the reminiscence.
  • She looked past him toward the soft light that came in at the draped window, and he was not aware that her regard held him fast by the way.
  • Peter slipped into his uniform, draped an oil-skin coat about his slender shoulders, and made his way up to the wireless house.
  • You were draped in a pretty little white frock, and father took you in his arms every day, and we loved you very much.
  • The material, however, was skillfully draped with a veil, and a profusion of pink flowers gave it a seasonable air.
  • Frank, the famous tailor carried out his idea in dark brown tweed, in which the poet draped himself upon every conceivable occasion.
  • The Lodge room should be appropriately draped in black, and the several stations covered with the same emblem of mourning.
  • The hurrying clouds, driven from the eastward, draped in deep folds the higher zones of the sky, with here and there a few stars peeping through.
  • Every church-door, draped with gold tissue and silken stuffs, more or less splendid, is thrown wide open.
  • He found them draped over huge pillars of ice, marked in Brian's familiar sunset colors.
  • Here the gaunt cliffs rise to great wild gardens, draped with soft rose and poignant red amid drowsy undertones of gray and green and gold.
  • He laughed as he pointed to a large mirror draped in cypress, saying, "Look into that.
  • Below the curiously draped pagoda which commands Tongchuan we met two pairs of prisoners, who were being led into the city under escort.
  • College colors, pennants and flags were grouped about pictures, and over the unwashed window was draped Florida moss.

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simple past tense and past participle of drape
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