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  • I would draw attention to.
  • He grew afraid lest the dog should draw attention.
  • But this was a ruse to draw attention away from the actual operations.
  • To seek to draw attention to yourself at a place of amusement is simply vulgar.
  • The plus is to draw attention to an old, overlooked title.
  • Having committed the solecism, she found it necessary to draw attention to it.
  • Great virtues may draw attention from defects, but they cannot sanctify them.
  • There is no need to draw attention to the Paradox it expresses.
  • You simply made a false move to draw attention off from Lord Montdidier.

How To Use Draw Attention In A Sentence?

  • He proceeded to draw attention to the perilous position of General Gordon at Khartoum.
  • Pennant was one of the first to draw attention to the disgraceful overcrowding of the old graveyard.
  • There remains another point to which it is well to draw attention in order to avoid misunderstanding and disappointment.
  • It does, in common with these theories indeed draw attention to certain fundamental economic relationships.
  • Barrington proceeded carefully with watchful eyes, yet boldly enough not to draw attention to himself.
  • Before leaving the dock he made one last attempt to draw attention to the treatment he had sustained while in prison.
  • He was a man to draw attention, and he was stared at by many politicians there and spoken to by some before he reached the stairs.
  • One of these occurs where it is important to draw attention to the condition, as something doubtful or especially requiring examination.
  • Once she got up and looked through a hole in the canvas; she had taken off her shoes and made no noise to draw attention to her spying.
  • Flaxman, to his credit, in spite of his classicalism, was one of the first to draw attention to the work.
  • Consciously he is out to save sinners, but I suspect that unconsciously he is out to draw attention to himself.
  • I have seen a boy smash a window merely to draw attention to himself, and thus to gain a momentary feeling of superiority.
  • He wondered if the metallic click of his boot soles on the pavement might not draw attention to them, attention they would not care to meet.
  • It seemed that Rachel herself had no suspicion that she was watched, or that there was anything in her manner likely to draw attention to her.
  • Eleanor was unwilling to go further forward, yet did not like to trust her voice to speak, nor choose to draw attention to herself in any way.
  • Neither could I afford to take anything of such bulk as would draw attention or call on questions and comments.
  • He wished to draw attention to three points: firstly, whether they had before them a concealment of birth; whether this was clear to the court.
  • While so doing, we shall draw attention to such diseases as we have previously described in which the pathological conditions we are considering may be met with.
  • He sent up a lot of little puffs like that, just so as to draw attention, and he; kept doing it so long I got impatient.
  • Another result of these investigations is to draw attention to the increase in organic heart disease, which has been shown to occur in more than thirty per cent.
  • The true art of dress is reached when it serves only to heighten the charms of the wearer, not to draw attention from her to center upon her garments.
  • The main functions of fashionable dress are to draw attention to the wearer, to define his social position, and to show who he is and what he is doing.
  • I want to point out some of these collateral advantages of going to college, or rather to draw attention to some of the many forms in which the winning of knowledge presents itself.
  • In the following remarks we refer more particularly to the larger microscope stands of our manufacture and draw attention to those parts which should be present in every well equipped microscope.
  • They go about their business or pleasure quietly and gently, and never draw attention to themselves unnecessarily by behaving noisily and talking or laughing loudly in public.
  • I simply draw attention to it here in order to point out that the wave-theory of light has not been adopted because waves are just the sort of things which ought to make a mind perceive colours.
  • Many men were standing, waving their arms to draw attention to themselves, and he wondered what the ultimate end of the head would be, if he obeyed and threw it to them.
  • The striking difference in the mineral matter of the grass and silage I will merely draw attention to; it is not due to the salt added to the silage.
  • This species appears to be quite abundant on rocky hillsides throughout its range; like most of the Wrens they draw attention to themselves by their loud and varied song.
  • We heartily agree with him in all he says in its praise, and draw attention, in passing, to a charming idyllic passage in which he speaks of the early influences which first develope in us its germinal principle.
  • When we use the word 'mind' in speaking of any such system, we give prominence to its intellectual side; when we say 'character' we draw attention to its conative or affective side.

Definition of Draw Attention

(intransitive) to rouse someone to notice something, to cause someone to focus on something.
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