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How To Use Draw Upon In A Sentence?

  • There is scarcely any human discipline that does not to some extent draw upon it.
  • To endeavour to do so openly would, I saw, be to draw upon me the spies of my hideous wife.
  • In spite of the experience of half a lifetime of failure, we can still draw upon her for these with the excitement of faith in our hearts.
  • If money alone be wanted for your deliverance, draw upon me for whatever ransom you may find necessary.
  • Software solutions to practical problems do converge, and programmers definitely draw upon prior lines of code.
  • It was a continual liability, bound sooner or later to draw upon a man to the full extent of his resources.
  • Vaguely she comprehended the peril of a confused mind, and strove to draw upon that secret inward strength which discovers itself in crises.
  • They found a plentiful stock of provisions, which made it unnecessary for them to draw upon their own limited food supplies for breakfast.
  • With a good garden to draw upon one can make terrific sombre woods, and then lie down and look through them at lonely horsemen or wandering beasts.
  • Brown was much moved, but he could only thank his kind host heartily and promise that in case of need he would not forget to draw upon his purse.
  • We must draw upon God's boundless stores of grace from day to day, as we need it.
  • With one last quotation I cease to draw upon what may be termed outside contributions, and it is one which gratified me at the time.
  • She ran short because the other tenants were not doing the fair and square thing by her, and she did not see why she should not draw upon me for help.
  • The fact is that the vast majority of women who write novels do not draw upon their observation for their characters so much as upon their imagination.
  • With so brilliant a company to draw upon I had no fear as to the results of calling up the man I wanted, without warning.
  • The third great source of supply is in the drafts which bankers in one country draw upon bankers in another in the operation of making international loans.
  • It is said that Alexander the Great had a favorite General to whom he had given permission to draw upon the royal treasury for any amount.
  • Man has no wrecked ship from a former civilization to draw upon for tools and weapons, but must utilize as best he may such raw materials as he can find.
  • He that is careful of his reputation in business, will also be cautious not to let any man he deals with over draw him, or draw upon him before the money drawn for his due.
  • In the course of trade between the two cities, business men are constantly remitting money both ways through the banks, which thus receive the money and draw upon each other.
  • No man has this; for a family is a charge which is capable of infinite development, and no man could suffice to the full measure of duty for which a family may draw upon him.
  • Soon there were no more to shoot at on the slope, for these were down, and the order went to lift the bows and draw upon the camp, and especially upon the parks of baggage beasts.
  • It was tantalizing to know that the generous allowance from her mother was accumulating untouched in a Frankfort bank, because she did not dare to draw upon it for fear of being traced.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Draw Upon | Draw Upon Sentence

  • You just sit down, and draw upon your brains.
  • What, draw upon thy Father!
  • Traitor, dost draw upon thy Prince?
  • Neither draw upon yourselves destruction by the works of your hands.
  • You will of course draw upon me for any moneys that may be necessary.
  • All you have to do is to draw upon your account," he said.
  • All we have to do is, to draw upon our partner, the living God.
  • Mary will; and I shall draw upon this unseen charity; ay, and gratefully.
  • If you knew what cruel misfortune you draw upon yourself by it.... PSY.

Definition of Draw Upon

To appeal to, make a demand of, rely on; to utilize or make use of, as a source.
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