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  • I have not been drawn into the stock market.
  • He allowed himself to be drawn into their play.
  • Woe to him, who is drawn into that maelstrom.
  • He refused to be drawn into arguments about antiquity.
  • Bindle still declined to be drawn into a discussion.
  • She is drawn into the low-ceilinged tunnel.
  • Down, down he was drawn into that insatiable maw.
  • Gray, it was not for a moment to be drawn into question.
  • The boat by this time had drawn into the tiny cove.
  • I was drawn into a quarrel and obliged to fight a man.
  • That is, the government will be drawn into the situation.
  • When he pulls one bead the other is drawn into its stick.
  • Patti, who at a given time was drawn into the station.
  • Now I was to be drawn into the whirlpool itself.
  • Kahn Meng believes every nation will be drawn into it.
  • It is said that Pedro was treacherously drawn into a trap.
  • But President Wilson was not to be drawn into intervention.
  • But Judge Hilton was not to be drawn into the snare.
  • I have been drawn into a multitude of large industrial undertakings.
  • Never permit yourself to be drawn into an argument in general society.
  • Somehow we were drawn into it, but being here we are glad to stay.
  • Insensibly he found himself drawn into a narration of his course of life.
  • They had decided that he should be drawn into the affair if it could be done.
  • In fact, the two found themselves drawn into a sort of race.
  • Then the rope was drawn into a noose, and the noose hauled tight.
  • She rocked with a quick motion, her brows drawn into a frown.

How To Use Drawn Into In A Sentence?

  • Schillingschen shrugged his shoulders and refused to be drawn into further argument.
  • All felt that they had been drawn into a mightier current than any in which they had swam before.
  • He further said that he had seen two of them drawn into the boat to which he belonged.
  • If any dirt is left here it will be drawn into the reeds the instant the organ is played.
  • All the cloisters were drawn into the nervous whirlpool of religio-sensuous emotions.
  • A steel segment was then inserted in the ring and drawn into place by turnbuckles.
  • Once we were actually drawn into the mill-race and tore madly down the rushing stream.
  • He had to follow every movement of the fish and was in great danger of being drawn into the water.
  • While waiting for professional employment, he was instinctively drawn into political discussions.
  • How, then, had he been drawn into a step of this magnitude without apprising him?
  • It was a relief to have him away, for if drawn into an argument he still thumped his fists.
  • Men who once followed him now held aloof, and refused to be drawn into his most tempting schemes.
  • Filled with these impressions, the astral part of man was drawn into the sphere of the ego.
  • He did not look at the girl, his eyebrows were drawn into a look of gloomy pain.
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