Draws In A Sentence

Definition of Draws

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of draw | plural of draw

How To Use Draws In A Sentence?

  • A magnet rubbed in the mixture draws out the iron just as if the salt were not there.
  • He notices that the window blind is up, goes over and pulls it down and draws the curtains.
  • He anxiously questions the kindly old housekeeper, and draws from her all that she knows.
  • But is not this imputation, which draws after itself pain and death, also an evil?
  • A string of pearls, dependent from her neck, draws her light tunic up to her bosom.
  • As dusk deepens and draws to dark, they run and call less, and soon all is still.
  • I was drawn to him by that Romantic sympathy that sometimes draws young men towards each other.
  • What hum melodious, what clear silvery chime, Thus draws the goblet from my lips away?
  • Fortunately for her, Beauty draws us with a single hair, or she had not netted Calfsfoot.
  • And, advancing like a chief, Draws his brother streamlets with him In his course.
  • But it must be conceded that this hypothesis merely draws a veil over the great difficulty it was designed to solve.
  • How matters went alone with his bride has reference to one of those occasions over which the world draws the veil of decency.
  • Each draws his words sometimes off the top of his mind, where the truth and the strong words do not lie.
  • The airplane is being carried upward by two forces: the air pressure beneath it and the vacuum above it which draws it up.
  • The strife is renewed with fresh fuel added to the fire of mortal energy as the fatal issue draws closer and nearer.
  • As you listen to such a man speak, you feel that he is worthy of your confidence because he draws upon broad experience and knowledge.
  • A transcendent talent draws so largely on his forces, as to lame him; a defect pays him revenues on the other side.
  • He repeats his melodies interminably, and then draws a double bar and sets down the two fatal dots which mean that all has to be played again.
  • The remainder is to be divided between us and said merchants, each of whom draws profit according to the number of pounds he has placed on board.
  • He draws his types cleverly and states the case of each one fairly, but with a humorous restraint and from a standpoint of absolute detachment.
  • It receives the rovings from the intermediate frame, draws two into one, twists them and winds them upon tubes.
  • Always the forest lives and breathes, but when the new leaves come it draws long, shuddering breaths of delight.
  • For the man's grief untimely draws and presses Down the cheeks of infancy.
  • It draws from any number of learned and skilful contributors; but a more learned and skilful person supervises, corrects, and co-ordinates.
  • France is, by its natural contrast, a kind of blackboard on which English character draws its own traits in chalk.
  • They say, the table draws their hands; that it moves first, and they have to follow it; that sometimes it even moves from under their hands.
  • It will be found that the Aryan draws a less absolute distinction than the Semite between the human and the divine.
  • At present, the successful office-seeker is a good deal like the centre of the earth; he weighs nothing himself, but draws everything else to him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Draws | Draws Sentence

  • A magnet draws out the iron.
  • Where is the hakim who draws teeth?
  • The chase draws nearer and nearer.
  • All start amazed as he draws near.
  • The colonel draws deeper into the shade of the barn.
  • While thou dalliest, draws her death-hour near.
  • Thy bounty, not the guest, draws blessings down.
  • He draws a brown horse so often that it must have been in particular favor.
  • The old year has nearly passed away, and a new one draws near.
  • An' now 'e goes round in a white shirt, an' draws 'is rents.
  • From all these facts M. Cosquin draws no certain conclusions.
  • And, out of slime and chaos, Wit Draws the threads of fair and fit.

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