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  • Glaucon was past dreading for himself.
  • The moment he had been dreading had come.
  • He had been dreading to find he knew not what.
  • He hesitated, as if wishing, but dreading to say more.
  • Nor could I, too, help dreading and misliking it for him.
  • She had been rather dreading this interview to which she had steeled herself.
  • Kenny went with him to the door, dreading the emptiness of the studio.
  • I had a feeling of dreading every one, of shrinking away from every one.

How To Use Dreading In A Sentence?

  • Doubtless he had special reasons of his own for dreading the presence of this cowardly foe.
  • She came to the conclusion at last the thing she had been dreading was simply responsibility.
  • He knew immediately that the thing he had been so long dreading had taken place.
  • Dora soothed her, almost dreading the time when memory should awaken in full force.
  • Judas was one of the bravest men who ever lived; never dreading the numbers that came against him.
  • She lingered in her room till it was past the supper hour, dreading what she knew not, yet knew.
  • It would be too unendurable in my painful humiliation to be constantly dreading some other unexpected outbreak from my father.
  • If you are dreading something, you will think that everything that happens brings the thing you dread.
  • They talked very little, but each was feeling how pleasant the journey had been, and dreading what might be before.
  • So far from dreading the judgments that would follow her disappearance, she felt a pride in evil repute.
  • Kate had hesitated, dreading to expose her children for the second time unprotected to the mercies of people who had ostracized her.
  • Helen stood a moment, uncertain what to say or do, dreading that some great calamity had overtaken the family.
  • Though dreading every moment to hear his last sigh, with loving and gentle words she endeavoured to recall him to consciousness.
  • Lousteau, who at first had been on some ceremony with himself, by next day had come to the point of dreading lest the marriage should not come off.
  • The blithe unconsciousness of that first immortal summer was gone for ever; each was playing a part and dreading lest the other suspect it.
  • It showed her that he was sensitively dreading the scene to come, and hiding reluctance behind a hard, bright shield.
  • Still the smoke from the camp-fires settled back and shrank about the earth, as though dreading the encounter with the sleeping forces of the air.
  • Now I had been very unhappy for some time, dreading the moment, but there was nothing for it but to tell the truth.
  • Kate had put the poor little gift away sadly, dreading to think how the girl must have earned even the trifling outlay it had cost.
  • The general public, sensitive and suspicious, dreading mob tactics, was troubled at first by this summary show of power.
  • With more jewels than a king, he lived the lonely life of a hermit and a pauper, dreading to die, lest the vultures pluck out his eyes.
  • Dreading the supper hour, dreading the sound of steps upon the walk, Garry smoked and gnawed his lips.
  • I saw a person from the other side advancing with a tray, and dreading to be supplanted, I looked up with desperate entreaty.
  • When, an hour later, she went to bed, she lay long sleepless, wondering, nervously dreading the morrow.
  • Almost daily he visited the town, dreading far worse than Liddy ever knew lest he must return with sad tidings.
  • The girls had gone aloft only a moment before, but, dreading news of further evil, Pappoose came fluttering down.
  • I returned home, rich in good-for-nothing experience, and dreading the reward I was to receive for my improvement.
  • One result is that during every legislative session the ordinary citizen is dreading oppressive legislation and feels relieved when the session is over.
  • For many long weeks he hovered round Valentine, longing yet dreading to speak the words which would unite or part them for life.
  • He stealthily, therefore, walked on, feeling very guilty every step he took, and dreading to meet anyone going to chapel or church.
  • But he found that the rains had there fallen late, so, dreading fever, decided to remain for a time in the valley of the Olifant.
  • For weeks Bishop Pendle had been dreading this interview with his delicate, nervous, sensitive wife.

Definition of Dreading

present participle of dread
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