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  • That only the dreamer sees?
  • It is the face of a dreamer in a moment of inspiration.
  • Such is the price that a dreamer pays for his vision.
  • Our musician was essentially a dreamer and idealist.
  • How was a dreamer to breathe in a boarding-house?
  • And Edgar the Dreamer was happy.
  • They showed most of all in The Dreamer himself.
  • And they said one to another, Behold, this dreamer cometh.
  • Possibly The Dreamer may have taken this view himself.
  • The Dreamer lay a night in the old town of Providence.
  • Thorndyke was no dreamer nor was he addicted to wild speculation.
  • He was the reverse of a dreamer and had little patience with theorists.
  • He was a third-generation dreamer of participating in the glory.
  • His mood is not that of a dreamer lost to his present surroundings.
  • And Life itself to the dreamer is as nothing only the struggling on.
  • Is life, then, a dream and delusion, and where shall the dreamer awake?
  • In the instance told by Hoffman, the dreamer was chained to the floor.
  • The life of Edgar the Dreamer was filled with the subtle charm of mystery.
  • The Dreamer had returned from his brief visit to Baltimore a new man.
  • Daniel, too, was a dreamer and dream interpreter (Dan. ii. 19, vii.
  • You are a dreamer,--a dreamer in broad daylight.
  • In many respects the dreamer has seen the a-ni'-to world in great detail.

How To Use Dreamer In A Sentence?

  • It was inevitable that the young dreamer from Konigsberg should be drawn into the maelstrom.
  • What a dreamer he had been, he, a man of the world, to imagine that such an idyll could last.
  • I should suppose this dreamer had some hopes, Some prospects built on probability.
  • The net of the fisher the burden breaks, And alway the dreaming the dreamer wakes.
  • In the vast boughs most bright; I stood a dreamer in a dream In the unstirring night.
  • One flash of the false light that had lured him reached The Dreamer at Fordham.
  • No bride in your world, busy with her trousseau, has been a happier dreamer than have I, Louis.
  • He said that Christ, 'the pale dreamer of the East,' should be revealed to all men at last.
  • Now she knew a simpler feeling than that of the grand sympathy of the dreamer with the horrors of war as a whole.
  • Renouard had never needed other company than his own, for there was in him something of the sensitiveness of a dreamer who is easily jarred.
  • The mantle of dreamer and poet had suddenly dropped from him, but the new mood had a charm all its own.
  • In other words, it freed the temperamental artist and dreamer from the spoilt and successful millionaire.
  • He was always dreaming; he was a dreamer from birth, and this characteristic got him into trouble now and then.
  • The dreamer may not be sensitive to psychic influences while awake, but during sleep may become exceedingly so.
  • A practical man would have rejoiced to be guiltless of transmitting the inheritance, but one could see the dreamer grieved.
  • For months the pain, alcoholics, and morphine kept the mind in such a daze that there were only the imbecilic mutterings of a dreamer in trouble.
  • Wine of the distance ever the reddest seems, And sweet is the world to the dreamer and doer of dreams!

Definition of Dreamer

One who dreams. | Someone whose beliefs are far from realistic. | Any anglerfish of the family Oneirodidae.
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