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  • Top-dress with comb and brush.
  • The gray dress with the patches!
  • Serve on toast and dress with water cress.
  • I got up and began to dress with the rest.
  • Green velvet was her dress, with tinselling.
  • She wore a skin dress with long fringe.
  • You put on your blue dress with the little flounces.
  • I had on a simple gray dress, with no hat.
  • Battle-harness, battle dress with arms.
  • The others were all in dinner dress, with very few jewels.
  • She wore a white dress, with pearls on her neck.
  • Have I not woven this dress with sleepless nights?
  • The Art of Dress.= With numerous Illustrations.
  • I told you to bring your pink dress with you but you would not.
  • Dress with sterile gauze and wool and seal the dressing with collodion.
  • He was in full evening dress with a camellia in his button-hole.
  • Even as she scolded, she regarded her in the pink dress with triumph.
  • In her pink-sprigged dress with her plaits tied behind her either ear?
  • You wore a black silk dress with diamond-shaped jet buttons?
  • I've wanted a white dress with lace on it and a blue sash.
  • She was still in her white dress, with the dying roses in her hair.
  • He went away and began to dress with the man's help.
  • Helen wore a simple white muslin dress, with pale blue ribbons.
  • Lying on the floor was a dead man, in evening dress, with a knife in his heart.
  • Navajo blanket, used as a squaw's dress, with red border.
  • Mr. Gundabei proceeds to adjust his dress with great precision.

How To Use Dress With In A Sentence?

  • She looked so ridiculous in that dress with the powder peeling off her red face.
  • In her present excited state she would have torn up her best dress with equal readiness.
  • She was in her house-dress, with the hood drawn over her head as it was a cold night.
  • Mademoiselle wore a white dress with a broad yellow ribbon round her girlish waist.
  • Dorn now entered the room in his traveling dress, with his rusty sword by his side.
  • It was a female clad in a rustic dress, with her face concealed by her mantilla.
  • However, a day dress is never so long and cumbersome as an evening dress with a train.
  • To raise the dress with both hands is vulgar, except in places where the mud is very deep.
  • She wore a brilliant red dress with savage adornments, but it was stained and torn.
  • To raise the dress with both hands is vulgar, except in places where the mud is very deep.
  • The evening was warm and she wore a simple white dress with low neck and short sleeves.
  • She became clothed in a sea-green dress, with so many diamonds that it blinded you to behold her.
  • He was in full dress, with many decorations on his breast, and carried his sword.
  • I wore a white silk dress with gauze flounces, and my hair was dressed with pearls.
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