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  • Toad sat up slowly and dried his eyes.
  • The fountain in our market-place is dried up.
  • Has the fountain of this pure happiness wholly dried up?
  • The juice of the palmyra fruit dried into cakes.
  • But for all that, wisdom has never yet dried our tears.
  • Wash and soak 1-1/2 cupfuls of dried green peas over night.
  • Mrs. Lancaster dried her eyes.
  • But I admit the dried remains still stump us all.
  • And the Fox, in relating this, dried a tear.
  • Presently she dried her eyes and looked at him with the ghost of a smile.
  • She dried her eyes with a handkerchief that she took from her sleeve.
  • The desert sun had dried his sinews and warped his shoulders.
  • Can ammonia be dried by passing the gas through concentrated sulphuric acid?
  • Puree of Dried Beans, 57. Rhubarb Puffs, 74.
  • Have the fish carefully dried and cleaned, put in the stuffing and sew it up.
  • Nancy had dried her hair, and it was wound loosely, high on her head.
  • If the deserts hadn't dried up all my tears, I should weep.

How To Use Dried In A Sentence?

  • The two benefactors dried the earth and changed the monstrous beasts into stones.
  • The collector has dried all the plants in his herbal, but he has lost weight and humor.
  • Huddled up under this thatch, it might almost be taken for a bundle of coarse and badly dried hay.
  • The tears had dried upon his face, and so had the thin little line of red on his chin.
  • Hyacinthia at once dried her tears, and presented herself at the palace, dressed like a peasant.
  • When the real Princess heard the sad news, she dried her tears and sought the executioner.
  • Fresh specimens clear more rapidly than dried specimens, and those that are dried more rapidly than those that are preserved.
  • Her dress had dried in the night winds, and when she had combed her hair she looked fairly presentable.
  • The coral-like mace contains a rich supply of aromatic balm, and when loosened from the nutmeg can be dried in the sun.
  • The heat of the shining sun car dried the lakes and the rivers, and burned every green thing upon the land.
  • Then she dried her eyes, placed her arm in his, and as if to give another turn to the conversation, led him to her flowers.
  • When the bark cracks through the heat of the sun, it is pulled off the tree, and being dried in the sun a short time becomes cinnamon.
  • If you know any one that has an occasion for a parcel of dried spiders, I will sell them a pennyworth.
  • The old hag showed her toothless gums in a hideous smile, the woman that was left in the dried shell still tickled at the reference to marriage.
  • The demon had abandoned him, his eyes were without expression, a foam covered his dried lips; the excitement was passed.
  • After the fire was well started, Bert took his wet garments one by one and dried them before the fire.
  • At sundown the ground had dried to such a degree that a horse could lift foot without raising with it an abnormal portion of the Northwest.
  • The second child, a little girl of about four, was kneeling at the feet of her elder sister, and throwing dried flowers into the fire.
  • He next gathered dry twigs and leaves, and made a fire, upon which he threw certain drugs and dried herbs which he had brought in his basket.
  • And wisdom was rewarded now, for the Pathan, who would have dried up under eager questioning, grew talkative.
  • Presently, however, she dried her eyes, and, being a methodical person, set to work to repair the disorder around her.
  • It was not in experience to hope that Mulvaney, dried by four weeks' drought, would avoid excess.
  • The giant cactus, or har-san, was eaten ripe, or dried in the sun, or boiled to a jam and sealed away in earthern jars.

Definition of Dried

Without water or moisture, said of something that has previously been wet or moist; resulting from the process of drying. | Usually of foods: cured, preserved by drying. | simple past tense and past participle of dry
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