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  • Queer fellows drift in and out of this room.
  • Young men began to drift in and out.
  • I in a drift fully ten feet deep.
  • No; he would not drift from degradation to degradation.
  • I don't conceive the drift on't.
  • The clouds like swans drift down the streaming atmosphere.
  • The drift of the talk, its hidden meaning, amused him.
  • Then the Machine took the prettiest drift you ever saw.
  • I let the line drift gently up against the one I wanted.
  • Yes, I wish we might drift on some lazy current for years.
  • When I first came here I was ready to drift any old way.
  • She had permitted herself to drift on the tide of her feelings.
  • The waves ran high, and the drift foam blinded him at every instant.
  • Looks like Foy might see them lights and drift out away from this.
  • Warm perfumes like a breath from vine and tree Drift down the darkness.
  • The long rows of stalls were packed with the drift and refuse of a great City.
  • And all dead days drift thither, And all disastrous things.
  • It did not take Dave long to drift to Hiram's way of thinking.

How To Use Drift In A Sentence?

  • Can you imagine considering the price of stocks or the drift of politics just now?
  • We were standing, at the moment, on a drift of leaves that had lain inside the hut.
  • I got into a small drift once, my pony flopping down suddenly till his girths were in the snow.
  • I forget the drift of the conversation, or what it was made Isabel interrupt me.
  • Across the drift of things our way to hew Is our appointed task, our noblest war.
  • Hitherto he had allowed himself merely to drift with the pleasant tide that had been setting in throughout these last weeks.
  • We sat perfectly still, and permitted the boat to drift back down the stream until we were out of sight.
  • Dixie was better than most, for she had ridden those rough mesas before and could drift off a ridge like a blacktail.
  • Squadrons of white clouds drift down the valley, as if to cover the sleeping heroes with a shroud of white.
  • She would drift and meantime think of him, the old friend who had turned the evening for her into a real delight.
  • The warriors finally began to drift away, though the younger and more curious ones still hung about.
  • To add to his discomposure one of those heavy sea-fogs peculiar to the locality began to drift across the hills and presently encompassed him.
  • As the current swept near the rocks where the deer was feeding, we let our little craft drift quietly in that direction.
  • The oars are at your command, to turn the boat as you will, or to allow it to drift on to whatever lies ahead of us.
  • She may drift with a current, or rot in a calm, or wait to be crushed by some heavier craft surging against her.
  • He could drift where expediency drove, unshackled, to add to his darling's fortune.
  • It became dark and wild, and presently the surface of the snow began to move and to drift furiously for about a foot above the ground.
  • The snow was at times three feet deep, and the tracks even of a heavy caravan which crossed before us were effaced by the drift in a few minutes.
  • They come here of summer evenings, and sit out in the little arbours, or walk along the terraces and watch the boats drift with the stream.
  • Yet more and more he let himself drift into that sweet atmosphere whose light was the presence of Lois Huntington.
  • Now he began to see the drift of Overland's then frequent references to Collie.
  • No Irish parliament, no matter what its constitution, could have allowed the country to drift into such irretrievable ruin.

Definition of Drift

(intransitive) To move slowly, especially pushed by currents of water, air, etc. | (intransitive) To move haphazardly without any destination. | (intransitive) To deviate gently from the intended direction of travel.
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