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  • Gradually they had drifted apart.
  • His thought drifted further.
  • Time drifted along and still there was no explanation.
  • As the damsel drifted she built castles for herself.
  • We have drifted away for the moment from the railroad.
  • On and on they drifted yet seemed to draw no closer to it.
  • I drifted in here and lost myself among so many beauties.
  • The others in the office drifted gradually out of his life.
  • By and by Therese drifted in.
  • Mostly they drifted about the Riviera.
  • She simply shrugged her shoulders and drifted into a reverie.
  • Then the incident drifted from the youth's mind.
  • She looked like she'd drifted on the marsh.
  • We talked no more that evening; and the clouds drifted out of sight.
  • An impression drifted like smoke across the blue of his eyes.
  • The horizon was blood-red and huge clouds of smoke drifted heavenwards.
  • No, we've drifted apart in the last year or so.
  • His mind drifted to the purpose in hand, and a dry humor lit his eyes.
  • They had drifted apart, she said, and never now exchanged letters.
  • For two hours, the English boats drifted down with the stream.
  • Huge ragged masses of cloud drifted wildly round the frowning mass of Piru.
  • So Ferdy gradually and insensibly drifted back to Mrs. Wentworth.

How To Use Drifted In A Sentence?

  • It was not until these were completely exhausted that their talk drifted to more personal matters.
  • From verse he drifted into the article and the short story, and from the story into the play.
  • Some of the houses appear to have drifted over by mistake to the wrong side of the Seine.
  • A flight of pigeons, like torn leaves tossed about by the wind, circled and drifted above them.
  • Neils Halvorsen drifted across the street to cool his parched throat with steam beer.
  • Later, while we three cast-aways drifted with the bovine tide, he spoke to Piegan Smith.
  • And after that he drifted into a lover's rhapsody of his own inferiority and unworthiness.
  • Before she could be captured she rose again into the air, drifted out over the sea and was never again heard from.
  • She understood in that moment why it was that the people of this little city rarely drifted too far away to come back again.
  • He used to speak at me, and drifted into a custom of coming home with me very regularly for an after-talk.
  • And then he noticed long fissures in the cavern walls, and that the smoke from the lamps drifted toward them.
  • They rose with one accord, their blood stirred to fever-frenzy by the intelligence which drifted down to them.
  • At the word, they vanished away toward the woods, and we drifted silently after them in the melancholy gloom.
  • Bit by bit, snatches of conversation drifted into her mind and then blew out again, leaving scarcely the shadow of an impression.
  • The instant a thought of the loss of their little treasure box drifted into his mind, however, he was on his feet in a flash.
  • A few minutes after she had got into it, the rising tide floated the boat, and it drifted out a few yards, as far as its headrope allowed it.
  • The canoe had drifted into the rushes, and Menard went back to his paddle, and worked out again into the channel.
  • How he had drifted to Beila I never ascertained, and thought it prudent not to inquire too much into his antecedents.

Definition of Drifted

simple past tense and past participle of drift
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