Drip In A Sentence

Definition of Drip

(intransitive) To fall one drop at a time. | (intransitive) To leak slowly. | (transitive) To let fall in drops.

How To Use Drip In A Sentence?

  • It is then rinsed in water and hung to drip before weighing and placing in the drying house.
  • A steady drip of condensation spattered the windshield, forcing Orne to use the wipers.
  • That passage made the sword of persecution drip with innocent blood through centuries of agony and crime.
  • The floor is wet and muddy the entire year on account of the drip from roof and overhanging rock at the mouth.
  • It is sufficient only to allow adequate time for furnace water to drip from the sheets before transferring them to the smoke-house.
  • The boys could hear the drip of water and the purring of the current as it crept into a lower gangway, but that was all.
  • The trees were weird and ghostly, and there was no sound at all but the gentle drip, drip of the rain.
  • While his jaws did not drip saliva, the thin nostrils of his bothersome nose quivered with eagerness and anger.
  • The other was puffing closed, and his lip was torn, a trickle of blood rising there to drip down his chin.
  • The drip boards of the troughs are arranged along each side of this entry making them easy to fill without wetting the stock or pen.
  • Later he slept in the haymow and lay awake far into the night, listening in doubt and despair to the drip of the rain on the roof.
  • In a day or two the sap begins to drip and is then caught in a short joint of bamboo, properly secured for the purpose.
  • Thus he lay a long time, while the drip, drip from the water-clock in the corner told how the night was passing.
  • In this method, the sheets after rolling are allowed to drip for a very short interval, so that the surface water is mainly removed.
  • It is very damp and cold sitting in a room with one side open to the snow, and the mud floor all slush from the drip from the roof.
  • The sheets thus drip in a warm and smoke-laden atmosphere until next morning, when they are weighed and removed to the smoke-house proper.
  • Mr Hardy frequently introduces the mournful drip of rain into his picture of men and women unhappily mated.
  • Dalton never looked at her, nor replied, but releasing his wrist, allowed the blood to drip to the ground from a trivial wound.
  • In the orchard a sparrow sang an uncertain song; and she heard the comfortable drip, drip, drip from the eaves.
  • The drip of its eaves pattered into China, the Cape of Good Hope, Germany and Australia.
  • Now and then in the sluggishly advancing, sluggishly dying night, Ben had listened to a drip of melting from the roof.
  • The house, as he neared it, showed no light, and under the thick canopy of the trees there was no sound but the drip, drip of the rain.
  • Looking, I saw the moon resting upon the water for a moment, while the dew seemed actually to drip from her burnished disc.
  • If the sheets are merely hung again to drip after removing from the hot water, some moisture is bound to remain on the surface of the sheet.
  • From continued experience of this practice over a period of years it is found advantageous and to be preferred to the usual method of allowing sheets to drip under cover.
  • But a traveller rarely lies awake, and to-day by keeping my feet on a box, and living in a mackintosh, I am out of both drip and mud.
  • In the leaden twilight of the lower corridor a draggled figure passed with a sodden drip of heavy skirts and the dull squashing of water in soaked shoes.
  • Perkins sat on a log and listened to the crunch-crunch of the apples in the chute, and the drip of the frothy yellow liquid that fell into waiting buckets.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Drip | Drip Sentence

  • It was only the drip of water from the roof.
  • The drip from the ceiling could be avoided.
  • The pages of this story distil and drip with peace.
  • A drip was made and lye caught in wooden troughs.
  • The polar stars drip in blood . . .
  • The walls drip, drip, drip with the damps of sepulchres.
  • Life's everlasting morn drip with such dew.
  • Fathers of families drip with packages and puff after street cars.
  • Perhaps the sweet drip of the fountain cooled his hot thoughts.
  • That's the sob and drip of a leaky drain?
  • The stairs of Holyrood drip with Rizzio's blood.
  • Come into the kitchen,' said Oswald; 'you can drip there quite comfortably.

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