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  • His drivers sought cover in and under the wagons, where they had spent the night.
  • We did not exactly appreciate the humor of this annoyance, but perhaps the drivers did.
  • The drivers slept in the ambulances, rising at intervals through the night to warm their engines.
  • There were three or four taxicabs lined up at the curb, their drivers napping in the seats.
  • Altogether, the drivers of the train are a very reckless lot, who essentially want looking after.
  • The yak and donkey drivers were Tibetans, as also were many of the hospital ambulance carriers.
  • In the absence of dogs and drivers Fort Pitt, however, offered small-pox to its visitors.
  • So many mules and drivers should be told off to each regiment, and that regiment should be responsible for them.
  • I intrust this matter to you, as you have your friends and admirers among the drivers and liverymen.
  • It is this utter recklessness on the part of the drivers which has contributed largely to the great mortality among the animals.
  • The cruelty so systematically practised upon dogs by their half-breed drivers is utterly unwarrantable.
  • Then the drivers or beaters enter the river and stretch in a line from shore to shore about 75 feet below the trap.
  • When the launch landed in the little harbor, drivers of automobiles and carriages clamored for fares.
  • It is notorious in the trotting world that faint-hearted and pessimistic drivers often lose races which they ought to win.
  • Then a long line of cattle passed down the same road, accompanied by the hoarse calls of their drivers on horseback.
  • The drivers had taken no efforts to remove his pack or his saddle, but were sitting by his side quietly smoking their pipes.
  • In the mean time the line of carriages from behind pressed on, and the drivers of them began to call out to clear the way.
  • The dogs came out, shaking the water from their coats, and the spattered drivers rode through the creek.
  • Nor had any of several other autoists, or drivers of horse vehicles, to whom they appealed, seen her.
  • The drivers wheeled into line, and sped away with a rush; the band played and the spectators shouted.
  • The drivers knew that, and there was a bond between them, the drivers and himself, that seldom existed between employer and employee.
  • Of course, this gathering brought together all the sheep drivers and herders, the sheep washers and shearers.
  • This time the drivers were all English half-breeds, and that tongue was chiefly used to accelerate the dogs.
  • I had not to wait long before I caught the distant cheering and hand-clapping of the drivers as they encouraged the dogs to hunt.
  • By this time, the soul drivers came charging up on their horses, commanding us to stand still or they would shoot us down.
  • The new drivers were much younger men than Akonuk and Matuk and they were in many respects more companionable.
  • Soon afterwards, ten or twelve waggons appeared, in charge of ammunition drivers who had left the English camp without orders.
  • The road, hard-beaten, is wide and dusty, the necks of the camels sway, the drivers shout, there is the smell of sweat, of leather, of oil.
  • Have you boys and girls ever noticed how all the curbings at the corners of the streets in the city are worn smooth by drivers of carts and wagons trying to cut the corners as closely as possible?
  • We traveled along one road, then the shelling became so bad that the drivers decided to go back and take another road which was running nearly parallel.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Drivers | Drivers Sentence

  • Some camel drivers were drinking there.
  • Have you fixed up the drivers and men?
  • Those red drivers of hers were the largest upon the line.
  • Some of the drivers are blacks, some whites.
  • The Arab drivers had almost all deserted.
  • Few drivers cared for the honour of taking him over the road.
  • They killed the drivers and horses; the survivors surrendered.
  • The drivers grew to hate the work, for there was no end to it, and no reward.
  • Some of the drivers were shot, two taken prisoners, and the rest ran away.
  • I didn't need the lights, but oncoming drivers did, so I snapped them on.

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plural of driver
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