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  • I saw her approaching up the driveway and simply pointed her out to my misguided friend.
  • The two men had seated themselves on the sloping driveway before the barn doors.
  • Nearing the steps she swerved from the graveled driveway and began to cross the lawn.
  • For a little while, as they went down the driveway side by side, he was meditatively silent.
  • Across the driveway she could see a broad open space, the yard of a rambling old-fashioned house.
  • As they passed, Honora had a glimpse of a blue driveway under the arch of the forest.
  • Mr. Tooting stood on the driveway watching the cloud of dust settle on the road below.
  • The car was moving up a long, curving driveway toward a large, lawn- surrounded building.
  • Immediately we were overwhelmed with suggestions and advice as to the particular kind of driveway we really ought to have.
  • By the time she had slipped down the driveway to the box at the gate and posted it with her own hands her father had returned.
  • The watchers paid small attention to him until he turned suddenly into the driveway leading up to the house.
  • If they had not missed the car from the garage they would at least have seen it whirl into the driveway with him at the wheel.
  • The road wound picturesquely through the grove to a bridged driveway that separated the lakelet into two parts.
  • The winter pear tree in the side yard by the driveway is still there and bears fruit as it did in the 1920s.
  • Peering through the palings, she could see an unshoveled driveway which curved gracefully to a pillared porch.
  • Now and then a gate and the beginning of a well-kept driveway suggested houses set out of sight on the wooded knolls about them.
  • The driveway came in from a road which passed the farm and no one entered it except persons who had business with the owner.
  • They went down the curving driveway into the street which the two girls presently found to be the state street of the town.
  • The girl could not keep her eyes from the driveway nor banish the pulsing hope that she should see a motor-cycle again speeding up the road.
  • He watched the automobile turn among the orange trees that bordered the winding driveway and waited for a last glimpse of it through the trees.
  • It was set far back from the street, and a driveway entered the picket-fence and swept a wide semicircle to the front door and back again.
  • She had something to do, she said; but she walked down the driveway with them, and waited until they had gone a rod or two along the street.
  • Then one day a motor-car, with its top raised, chugged up the highway and climbed the steep driveway to the house on the cliff.
  • But at last we came to a house set far back in big grounds, and we raced side by side up the driveway that led to the front door.
  • He had made no attempt to move the body, but had left it lying in the driveway until the doctor and the Rangers arrived.
  • A spread of silvery light lay on this driveway and Thaine checked his horse in the midst of it while the two looked at the waters.
  • Up the broad driveway it came, and the moment it stopped Polly sprang out and into the arms that opened wide to receive her.
  • His eager face as he came striding up the driveway to meet Leigh Shirley would have been a revelation to them.
  • She followed the driveway until it joined the road, and then, after hesitating an instant, turned in the direction of the Howe farm.
  • Sam was very fond of Meg and never made fun of her, as the twins often did, because she was afraid to trust him to get out of the driveway safely.
  • Knowing from his telegram the hour at which to expect him, she had gone down the driveway to meet him when she saw him dismiss his taxicab at the gate.
  • They were barely clear of Gray Oaks driveway before Pasha felt something he had never known before.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Driveway | Driveway Sentence

  • They were in the buggy now on the driveway across the lake.
  • From the driveway sounded the blare of an auto horn.
  • They were on the driveway of Fairview.
  • Up the driveway Captain Eri hurried.
  • Another motor-cycle now sped into the driveway and approached.
  • Take me somewhere near a window which commands the driveway out there.
  • The driveway was bordered with mist wreathing among the shrubs.
  • The coach halted in the driveway leading to the inn at the summit.

Definition of Driveway

(Britain) and (US) Short private road that leads to a house or garage; (Britain) also: drive
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