Driving In A Sentence

Definition of Driving

That drives (a mechanism or process). | (of wind, rain, etc): That drives forcefully; strong; forceful; violent | present participle of drive

How To Use Driving In A Sentence?

  • But his sufferings during the period of driving the alcohol out of his system were truly heroic.
  • But you must remember that driving over the plains is like driving over a level floor.
  • The nut that held the engine driving sprocket on the shaft had worked loose and dropped off.
  • Then a certain waincarle came driving towards him, and this man had a lined coat.
  • This problem was solved by a native coming along driving a raw-boned horse before a rickety wagon.
  • Dismounting near by, they charged the enemy lance in hand, driving him from his trenches.
  • During the first year of the war he was active in driving out and maltreating Union men.
  • The weather was frosty with some driving snow, and the men to Harald sat under their shields.
  • Consciousness at last came, and I perceived that we were driving up a thickly planted avenue.
  • First, there was Mr. Hicks, driving four horses and the "grub-wagon," and leading the procession.
  • As they were driving along Oxford Street Edith, walking with Archie, saw them clearly.
  • But all was still, except the howling of the wind and the pattering and splashing of the driving rain.
  • In that capacity for aggression upon other classes lies the essential driving force of modern affairs.
  • He had not gone more than ten miles from where he had made the new shaft key when the long driving chain snapped.
  • Landlord and capitalist had robbed and enslaved the workers, and were driving them quite automatically to inevitable insurrection.
  • But one arm and hand was occupied with the bulge, and the other was for the moment unequal to the work of driving off the assailant.
  • There can be no driving force, except through the conversion of the man into his will, making him the will, and the will him.
  • A tarpaulin stretched from wheel to wheel of the wagon shut out the driving rain that fled in sheets before the whooping wind.
  • It is the resemblance of the sound to that made by driving a stake into ground covered with water, that gives him his name.
  • How, or what, is the best way of driving the foul air out of those chambers which are aloof from the central shaft?
  • The wind was howling around the corners and driving the first snow of the season through the many large cracks in his log residence.
  • And close by was the picture of the wind-mill, set on the edge of the down, with the shepherd driving sheep in the foreground.
  • Working in a driving cloud of grit and snow, the ignorant, the dull, and the slow rose to the occasion.
  • They were up on the cedar ridges of the mountains now, driving down wild steers from the upper pastures, and a woman was as good as a man.
  • This, in the case of a fiber spool head, may be done by driving heavy metal terminals into the fiber.
  • After that went he about, and when he was come south again to Salpti he found a gale blowing down the fjord and driving spray into his countenance.
  • The horse, too, would have run away had it not been stopped by a peasant, as he came along the road, driving his cow before him.
  • The ones and twos were lumped together, the strays turned loose on the plain, and the outfit plodded on to the east, driving their cut before them.
  • Its really noteworthy feature was the gas engine, replacing the steam engine that Giffard had used as a means of driving the propeller.
  • He was driving the fiery grays, and they fought gamely against the delay, but he pulled them down to a walk while he handed Bowles a note.
  • On one promontory a slant of sunshine blazed torridly, on another, scarcely a mile away, a squall was bursting in furious downpour of driving rain.
  • But in the midst of that I saw a haggard face driving in the park by the side of a little, over-dressed, faded woman.
  • In December, 1860, he finally succeeded in overthrowing the party of Miramon and driving the latter into exile.
  • I judged the Tories were driving straight at a conflict with the country, and I thought them bound to incur an electoral defeat.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Driving | Driving Sentence

  • Come driving down the tide, sir.
  • What, in the name of Heaven, are you driving at, Keith?
  • Do any of you know what he's driving at?
  • But they could not go out driving on the day of the funeral.
  • Covered in engine driving the 31 foot propeller shaft for the 2 propellers.
  • The storm driving into Dicksie's face cooled her.

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