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  • Ten scenes of driving to town.
  • The driver had no driving to do, so roared a song.
  • He was driving to Middleston.
  • I was driving to Del Norte when I met the lions.
  • Two scenes of driving to minister and hitching team to gate.
  • A quarter of an hour later we were sitting in the carriage driving to the town.
  • There had been no sleigh-rides, only the necessary driving to the street.
  • Mrs. O'Shaughnessy said, "Don't lay your poor driving to the women.

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  • It was mould that they were driving to the garden outside the office building at the factory.
  • When he was not driving to see patients he laboured to increase his knowledge of medicine.
  • Those who are out of condition will do well to ride, instead of driving to cover.
  • Others deemed resumption possible only by driving to the wall a majority of active business men.
  • He was relieved when it was all over and he and Ida were in the cab, driving to the station.
  • He involuntarily hurried his horse, reached the place, and, driving to the very edge, drew rein.
  • Many people, farmers and others, were on the road, riding or driving to Worcester market.
  • The visitor to Drimnin should return to Oban by driving to Lochaline, where there is a pier.
  • This might be the story of Captain Ramsay driving to Pinega in January to visit that front.
  • Katie probably believed there had been a death in the family, and they were hastily driving to the home of some relative.
  • In driving to and from Bilton Grange, we passed famous Rugby and talked of our favorite Tom Brown.
  • Near the centre of the grounds is an open space, where it is the custom for people to stop in driving to exchange courtesies with their friends.
  • All the industrial deviltry, which civilization has been driving to the slums and the backwaters, will have a voiceless continent to conceal it.
  • It took twelve hours of hard driving to make the forty miles between home and the appointment, and we were only just in time for the services.
  • The flies are also a nuisance in the bush, where veils are usually worn when driving, to prevent their annoyance.
  • Due to their injuries they did not feel up to driving to Nebraska so they advertised in the paper for someone to drive them home.
  • He himself appears to have had some doubt about it, at a given moment, as they were driving to the Prado.
  • In the meantime, since she was driving to town, perhaps she had better take along her aunt's will.
  • Once the girls arrived at a decision they lost no time in driving to the nearest town where Penny dispatched a message to her father.
  • She asked Lindsay presently if he would mind driving to the market; she wanted some flowers for that night.
  • Eleanor looked out upon the driving grey clouds, and wondered if she was driving to her fate, at Brompton.
  • Park your car in the garage or driveway, close the windows, and lock it (unless you are driving to your new temporary location).
  • Old ladies and gentlemen of the high, titled world now begin by driving to my house almost every morning while I am at breakfast.
  • While driving to Piccadilly the horses took fright, broke the pole and harness, and much injured the carriage.
  • Once when I was driving to town with de ox team and wagon during de war, dere was soldiers on de road like you never did see.
  • They were driving to the gateway of the big farm when they saw Alexander Pop running after them, flourishing something in his hand.
  • Fortunately they met these men, who were driving to see him, to ask his opinion about agreeing to meet Don Mariano.
  • While driving to the office, Mr. Gulmore's thoughts, at first, were with his daughter.
  • He had forfeited his motoring license for habitually driving to the public danger, and on the last occasion had barely escaped imprisonment for his condition at the wheel.
  • It is a question whether the amount gained by collecting a few statistics as to the actual presence of the disease will be offset by the harm done in driving to cover persons who will not be reported.
  • They came sailing up, those great rounded masses of dark vapour, like huge galleons driving to the West, spilling their freight as they came.
  • In it he had requested an answer to be sent to Millbank, and he had subsequently engaged a livery team with which he declared his intention of driving to that place.
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