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  • The rain was but a mere drizzle now.
  • Outside the drizzle had turned to a chilling rain.
  • Your persistent drizzle is a terrible enemy to revolution.
  • The weather has changed to a steady drizzle of rain.
  • A misty drizzle of rain was still falling.
  • A cold drizzle is far preferable to thick dust.
  • A light, penetrating drizzle of rain was falling.
  • The night was dark, too, and a fine drizzle was falling.
  • It began to drizzle at ten o'clock.
  • November has come with nights of drizzle and mornings of fog.
  • There was a cold drizzle of rain, and nobody was inclined to accompany him.
  • A warm, soft drizzle was falling, which to some extent kept down the flies.

How To Use Drizzle In A Sentence?

  • In the middle of the forenoon the wind veered around to the south and a drizzle of rain set in.
  • It was dark again now, for the moon had vanished, and a thin drizzle was falling.
  • It is all bound to end in smoke and nothingness, put out by the steady drizzle of marriage.
  • The night was dark and lowering, with a fine drizzle falling from the flying gulf clouds.
  • As they waited, heavy clouds began to rise in the north, and there was already a drizzle of rain.
  • I made my way through the dense drizzle to the Indian village at the far end of the town.
  • An ugly drizzle kept on all the time, like a monstrous talker, who never comes to a period.
  • The rain began to drizzle at this time, and I unbuckled a blanket to wrap about my shoulders.
  • Some one standing in the drizzle of the street outside saw them drive off with calm and happy faces.
  • During the afternoon a warm drizzle set in and the men completed the preparations amid a muttered cursing of the weather.
  • A fine drizzle beat in one's face through the slightest opening of door or window.
  • I am told that the excitement here was so great that the peacemaking effect of a day of cold drizzle alone prevented riot and bloodshed.
  • Halliburt turned his face seaward, sheltering his eyes with his hand from the thick drizzle which the mist had now become.
  • But no sooner had he finished taking the observation than the mist rolled back over the heavens, and it began to drizzle as before.
  • A thin drizzle of rain was beginning to fall, and the avenues were filled with the furious clamor of belated traffic.
  • He remained just outside the roof of the small shelter, ignoring the drizzle as he sat on the trunk of a fallen tree.
  • On the uplands a fine drizzle veiled the landscape, and showed the gnarled and sparse trees to small advantage.
  • With head held low against the drizzle one was conscious of nothing but a wall on the right hand and of dirty pavement beneath the feet.
  • A thin drizzle of cold rain froze as it fell on the snow; the engineers' lines were quiet.
  • I know not which way the wind is; but the aspect of things seems to portend a calm drizzle as much as anything else.
  • The worst of the storm had passed, and its riot and splash gave place to a fine drizzle as the night began to close in.
  • Fortunately the night was dark: a thin drizzle was falling, and it spread a misty veil all down the village street.
  • The drizzle continued, the gray daylight wore into darkness, and with the darkness came the return of good cheer.
  • It was a wet night, with a penetrating drizzle so fine that it almost led one to believe that the earth was steaming from the heat of the forenoon.
  • Herbert had a painful struggle between curiosity and duty, for the bell for chapel was ringing also, and he must go through the drizzle to school.
  • A thin fine drizzle still filled the air, drifting in clouds before a rising wind and blotting out the view of the sea almost completely.
  • The sky was a dull gray, and a sickening drizzle was falling, mixed with a thick fog that made everything and everybody soggy and damp.
  • The bleak moor was lost in vapor, and a pitiless drizzle came slanting down the valley, while the raw air seemed filled with falling leaves.

Definition of Drizzle

(transitive, intransitive) To rain lightly; to shed slowly in minute drops or particles. | (cooking, transitive) To pour slowly and evenly, especially oil or honey in cooking. | (cooking, transitive) To cover by pouring in this manner.
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