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  • It was a drizzly cold night and he looked very tired.
  • It was a raw, drizzly morning.
  • A nasty, drizzly mist hung over everything.
  • I liked the overcast, drizzly days best.
  • The night shut down, dark and drizzly and cold.
  • Outside, in the drizzly darkness, stands a lonely man.
  • IT was a drizzly November evening.
  • I lighted upon one drizzly night in Portland Place.
  • A drizzly fog had hung over New York since morning.
  • Next morning a misty, drizzly pall still hung over everything.

How To Use Drizzly In A Sentence?

  • Picking cranberries may be pleasant enough in fine weather, but it must be miserable work on a cold, drizzly day.
  • Thereupon he gave me my furlough, and at daylight the next morning I put my blanket around me and walked right out into a drizzly rain.
  • As I floundered upward in the late spring rain, gaining the bare summit under the drizzly sky, a rush of dogs met me.
  • The marshy land on which they were encamped, the wet and drizzly weather, the scarcity and badness of the food, caused a raging sickness to break out.

Definition of Drizzly

Abounding with drizzle; drizzling
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