Droll In A Sentence

Definition of Droll

Oddly humorous; whimsical, amusing in a quaint way; waggish. | (archaic) To joke, to jest. | (archaic) A buffoon.

How To Use Droll In A Sentence?

  • They were a very droll little couple: they were very short and very thin and very wrinkled.
  • Sometimes he would burst forth in boisterous laughter when he hit upon a droll idea.
  • The other shrugged, with a contempt a trifle droll in one who had dispensed with every ceremony.
  • He was very generous with the boy, and the droll little brown face was lined with grins.
  • You will never guess what the top of this droll little basket is made of, unless we tell you.
  • He looked so droll that even Nelly laughed; and this reminded him of his nightcap.
  • Midway in the act of tearing it open, she paused and looked at Solon with droll entreaty.
  • As dreadful as if Tabby yonder were to slay poor droll Dick, of whom we are each and all so fond.
  • Long as he had lived with Mr. Cook, he had never grown accustomed to his droll ways.
  • And then it will interest you to see how our ladies live in that seclusion which is so droll to you.
  • And very droll it is to see him, as he tries to set forth his admiration in terms of what was then permissible.
  • It seemed, somehow, as if she couldn't get that droll creature out of her mind.
  • It seemed to him, who had worked very hard for it, a little droll to describe his possession of a profession as luck.
  • This droll little scuttle is made of black enamel cloth, cut according to the diagrams on next page.
  • My impassibility rather disconcerted him, as evidently he expected me to consider him very funny, and laugh at his droll antics.
  • It meant, he found, this droll look of being prepared for anything, not the inconsiderable journey before her but a new enterprise for him.
  • It was a very droll Christmas-day, but the children always said it was one of the very pleasantest they ever spent.
  • Chammy, the chameleon, looks down at Shireen with one of his droll eyes, while he watches a fly on the ceiling with the other.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Droll | Droll Sentence

  • What a droll country!
  • It was a droll comedy in the snow.
  • It looked very droll indeed.
  • Brian glanced at her in droll suspicion.
  • His voice was flavored with droll irony.
  • The last sentence was a droll one.
  • There never was anything at once so droll and so pathetic.
  • The lion looked droll and puzzled.
  • Oh, what a droll place it is!
  • This droll figure is cut out in black and white paper.
  • It was droll how natural her voice sounded, she thought.
  • How droll it was to see Arthur to-day.
  • He could not help laughing at the droll way she made the statement.
  • At last a droll little frightened knock was heard at the door.
  • The doctor gave his daughter another droll look, but she preserved her calm.
  • Blanche smiled at Bessie's droll remark.
  • Oh you droll Rob," she said.
  • If ever a cat was a village favourite, this droll puss Shireen was.
  • Sir John Hill's book is droll and cutting satire.
  • M. du Bled relates a droll story in connection with her meeting Richelieu.
  • Chammy's attitudes were droll in the extreme while on his tree-branch.
  • The children had a droll time going to people's houses so early.

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