Droning In A Sentence

How To Use Droning In A Sentence?

  • It was the animal in the desert droning and purring to itself in excess of ease.
  • Silence, except for the droning of the insects and the distant rushing of the river.
  • All was white and still, and there was no longer the droning music in the valley.
  • Sadie, as the monotonous droning voice of the delirious man came again to their ears.
  • The roar became a thrum that lessened and died into the distance like a droning fly.
  • The three-piece orchestra in the dance hall at the back was droning out a fox-trot.
  • Immediately afterwards a humble-bee came along, droning and talking to himself as he flew.
  • And even in his classroom, as he listens to the droning of a conjugation, he leaps to horse.
  • A droning song oozed from the thin lips; the gesticulations grew in weirdness and fervor.
  • He was tossing handfuls of dried sweet grass upon the embers, and droning a medicine song.
  • The lonesome day, Droning with insects, made the land One dry stagnation.
  • The priests walk endlessly Round and round, Droning their Latin Off the key.
  • The mystic can live happy in the droning consciousness of his own heart-beats and those of the universe.
  • His droning voice was so powerful that when he sang his psalms he made more noise than a whole congregation.
  • After that a droning chant came fitfully up from the darkness of the waters, to die at last in the silence.
  • It begins with a curiously droning rhythm, played softly as though the procession were approaching from a distance.
  • He knocked peremptorily on the door; but only a droning voice humming a monotonous tune made answer.
  • An instrument which emits droning monotonous sounds, and which resembles in many points the hurdy-gurdy.
  • The woods were very quiet save for the droning of insects, and the sun that shone between the leaves beat down very hot.
  • Through the latticed windows of the palace filtered the growls of the populace, droning and futile as the roar of distant breakers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Droning | Droning Sentence

  • Suddenly the droning ceased.
  • The droning voice came once more.
  • So they would go on droning after she was dead.
  • The hours of droning speeches went on and on.
  • The droning sound grew louder.
  • Then a low droning sound came to their ears.
  • The droning voice quivered and fell silent.
  • A loud droning purr filled the receivers.
  • A droning snore buzzed heavily from where he lay.
  • The flies droning in the hot office made the only sound.
  • She could not see it, but its droning was in her ears.
  • A set of dastardly, drinking, droning guzzlers you are!
  • The bees were droning among the nasturtiums and convolvulus.
  • Even the droning of the worrying mosquitoes had no power to disturb him.
  • So the miles had been devoured by the senseless, softly droning wheels.
  • Faith, up stairs, was singing herself to sleep with a droning sound.
  • It came droning, droning up the forty-odd thousand miles from the planet.
  • It came droning, droning up the forty-odd thousand miles from the planet.
  • No wise physician dreams With droning charms to salve a desperate sore.
  • The newcomer's high, droning voice cut short the explanation.

Definition of Droning

present participle of drone | A dull humming.
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