Drooling In A Sentence

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  • It's a wonder the drooling ward didn't break down while I was in hospital.

How To Use Drooling In A Sentence?

  • Those miserable women, not half so innocent as blanketed squaws drooling about a camp-fire.
  • The drooling ward's a better snap than gold mines, and I hear there's a new nurse coming.
  • With drooling jaws and panting breath he rested, until at last the dull gold of the winter sun began to paint the eastern sky.
  • They were drooling at their mouths, their wiry crests stood up like brushes, and their snarling fangs were bared to their red gums.
  • Two cubs sat near by, watching operations with great interest, their round ears up-cocked, their jaws drooling expectantly.
  • Not only for the drooling multitudes who sat before their sets and vicariously participated in the sadism of combat while their trank bemused brains refused contemplation of the reality of their way of life.

Definition of Drooling

present participle of drool | The act of one who drools.
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