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  • When they became dry they were dangerous.
  • Darrow turned again with his dry laugh.
  • Specimens were obtained both in the dry and rainy seasons.
  • He paused to moisten his dry lips.
  • Sketch and describe an excellent form of dry cell.
  • At last she dipped her dry pen and laid the blotter ready.
  • It must have a good roof to keep it dry in stormy weather.
  • Four days I wandered through dry and thirsty places.
  • St. Patrick send he may be a pure dry one!
  • My lips, I remember, were almighty dry just then.
  • You shall have words; but I, alas! dry blows.
  • This is because the insulation of the wires is so largely dry air.
  • Pep pumped him dry so far as the arrangements for the show were concerned.
  • He was one of those dry old gentlemen who keep youngsters at bay.
  • In the dry season the river was clear; it is surrounded by rainforest.
  • Rain falls throughout the year, but there is a noticeable dry season.
  • He took out some of the dry uninviting scraps and laid them close to Lumley.
  • A cross-section of an excellent form of dry cell is shown in Fig.

How To Use Dry In A Sentence?

  • Any thing was a variety from the dry studies and monotonous duties of the cloister.
  • The air that blew against their faces as they rode along was dry and scorching.
  • She had left her child in a baby carriage while she went into a dry goods store.
  • Rubber and similar insulating materials give capacities as great as twice that of dry paper.
  • And from out of this cavity breathed a strange dry air, like the sigh of a mummy.
  • The dry cell when new and in good condition has an open-circuit voltage of from 1.5 to 1.6 volts.
  • She felt that she had struck against something as dry and cold and impersonal as an abstract principle.
  • How dogs and children rolled together in snow so dry from intense cold that it hardly wet them more than sand.
  • Possibly in drier environments the species characteristically inhabits bromeliads, at least in the dry season.
  • I have many a time had my pot of porter snipped off of my dinner in this way; and have had to dine with dry lips.
  • She leaned back in the corner of the sofa to which he had led her, her eyes dry now but still very soft and sweet.
  • They had been riding for miles and miles without seeing a tree or a hillock, or even a dry water-course.
  • How long would it be, she wondered, before it would survive only in the dry bones of genealogical scandals?
  • His lips had cracked wide open from the dry north wind, and his face was beginning to peel like a snake.
  • He broke the dry sticks into fragments across his knee; when he had a fair-sized pile he took out his knife and whittled a few shavings.
  • His face was smooth and childlike, yet dry and wrinkled, so that it was impossible to tell whether he was fifteen or fifty.
  • But very little comes amiss to the camel; he will eat dry wood to keep up digestion, if in want of a substitute.
  • The most used and standard size of dry cell is of cylindrical form six inches high and two and three-quarters inches in diameter.
  • This term "dry cell" is in some respects a misnomer, since it is not dry and if it were dry it would not work.
  • He gripped the arms of the chair, his jaw fell, and the sweat broke out on his brow while his dry tongue clove suddenly to the roof of his mouth.
  • She found a dry place on the pebbles, removed her hat and sat down, her hands clasped around her knees, her eyes turned seaward.
  • He crawled along cautiously, therefore, inch by inch; stepping with the utmost care among the dry leaves, lest their rustling should betray him.

Definition of Dry

Free from or lacking moisture. | Unable to produce a liquid, as water, (Petrochemistry) oil, or (farming) milk. | (masonry) Built without or lacking mortar.
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