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  • It is then rinsed in water and hung to drip before weighing and placing in the drying house.
  • In this condition it absorbs water with great energy and is a valuable drying agent.
  • It is claimed that drying is expedited, and that the rubber can be packed in ten days.
  • A river was drying up in our hall, and the strip of matting down the centre was sodden.
  • The sun was much higher now and the roads, while still muddy, were rapidly drying out.
  • The roads were drying out, and, though still a little heavy, had lost their clinging quality.
  • Rowbotham in his diary gives two accounts of fires which were caused by carelessness in drying cotton.
  • It was determined that the rate of drying was affected only by the extent to which the crepe was worked in the smooth rolls.
  • It is quite unnecessary and unwise to maintain any steam pressure once the drying is well under way.
  • If the method could be successfully applied to the drying of crepe it would be of great assistance on some estates.
  • This accounts very largely for observed differences in the rate of drying of thin crepes on different estates.
  • This type of crepe is to be noted for the excessive period of drying in comparison with other crepes of equal thinness.
  • Incidentally this means that the building must be larger than a normal rate of drying would otherwise demand.
  • As an instance of the kind of result obtained a graph is here given of the rate of drying of a batch of pale crepe.
  • A devouring melancholy preyed upon his heart, and seemed to be drying up the very blood in his veins.
  • My overcoat had been wet through for three days, and the sun coming out gave me a chance of drying it.
  • This has been found to be a common fault, and the general effect is to delay drying in spite of the thinness of the rubber.
  • Thus, not only is the appearance of the sheet rendered attractive, but also the period of drying is reduced.
  • It is understood that when vacuum driers were first applied to the drying of rubber it was thought possible to dry sheet rubber in this way.
  • If the crepe is not rolled thin enough drying will be unduly prolonged, with a possibility that the rubber will become tacky.
  • After that their track turned straight west again, and it was hard to follow, for the ground was drying fast.
  • Naturally this mode of procedure does not give the drier a fair chance, and it would be ridiculous to judge vacuum drying on the results.
  • Although several suggestions of devices for artificially drying sheet have been made, only one is known to be in use at the present time.
  • Processes of canning, preserving, and drying fruits and vegetables are demonstrated, as they are wholly new to most of the women.
  • It is noted in ordinary practice that the rate of drying on different estates, for the same type of rubber, may vary widely.
  • She brought him the cup, and he emptied the flowers on the floor, tearing open the seams, and drying the wet white bark on his sleeve.
  • Each bale was opened, and the contents spread out to dry, while Guerin was set to work at drying the muskets with a cloth.
  • This is not now the opinion of the writers, who attribute the effect largely to the temperature of drying and constituents of the smoke other than creosotic substances.
  • Tomato paste, for example, is used in great quantities by Italian families, and is made at home by drying the tomatoes in the open air.
  • With a view to determining to what degree the drying of crepe rubber was hastened by the extent to which the rubber was rolled, experiments were made.
  • There would seem to be a difficulty in working it for the drying of sheer rubber and crepe together, as the temperature suitable for the one is excessive for the other.
  • Various theories were propounded, and the chief conclusion arrived at was that the darkening of rubber was to be prevented by excluding all the light possible from the drying houses.
  • Having finished drying plates Haidee retired up-stairs to prepare her confession, telling Hortense to be sure and wait for her.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Drying | Drying Sentence

  • The usual period of drying is under two hours.
  • She comforted him, drying his tears on her blue veil.
  • The weights are placed vertically and the duration of drying horizontally.
  • In the original form this was used for drying other tropical products.
  • As mentioned before, the crepe for vacuum drying should be thin.
  • That sobered her, drying the strange laughter on her lips and in her heart.
  • It's drying up and there's an immense opportunity for claims along the shore.

Definition of Drying

present participle of dry | The act of drying. | A method of food preservation by removing water.
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