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  • That is why his duality was always such a burden to him.
  • By its very duality it fulfilled the highest purpose.
  • The origin of its duality Aristophanes then explained.
  • Even to say "the One is," involves the duality of the One.
  • This lurking duality in her put on for him an extraordinary charm.
  • Theism makes a duality of Man and God, and leaves Man an outsider, 25.

How To Use Duality In A Sentence?

  • From an imperfect recognition of that duality ensue great masses of misconception.
  • In the first place, even a negative predicate involves the duality of the subject.
  • We speak of "the duality of the human mind," but here are half a dozen spirits in one.
  • This idea was that of a duality subsisting in every unity, such as I had nowhere read or heard of.
  • The duality of the feudal god supplied an admirable expedient for connecting the history of the world with that of chaos.
  • Thus it was clear that a hitherto unrecognized duality of function pertains to the entire extra-cranial nervous system.
  • I am very clear in my mind, however, of the need of recognising this perpetual duality in the objects of love.
  • This duality of role strongly affected the development of government in China, and is a factor which still plays a great part.
  • Much is said and written about the duality that is in us; and many of us are Manichean without knowing technically what the term means.
  • The positive outcome of philosophy, then, is the knowledge of the monistic way in which the seeming duality of the universe is active in the human understanding.
  • Late in life, when he took to glasses, Burton used to say "My duality is proved by my eyes alone.
  • He knew a gleam of sharpest wonder at himself as his arms went swiftly round that shrouding drapery, and then all duality of consciousness was blotted out in the rush of his young madness.

Definition of Duality

A classification into two subclasses or opposed parts. | (projective geometry) The interchangeability of points and planes. | (mathematics, physics) The mathematical equivalence of two seemingly different theoretical descriptions of a physical system.
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