Ducks In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ducks | Ducks Sentence

  • There are many ducks there.
  • Where are my ducks of pages?
  • These ducks were shy.
  • I see ducks on the pond.
  • But the ducks insisted upon it.
  • Two ducks walked in during the service.
  • Oh you little ducks of kittens!
  • But ducks do not seem to be bitter about it.
  • He looks and ducks frequently.
  • There were a few wild ducks on both lakes.
  • Near this ducks were walking along.
  • Those ducks are extremely tiresome.
  • Wild ducks passed in dark flocks.
  • The same is true of ducks and other aquatic fowls.
  • Meanwhile the young ducks throve apace.
  • A couple of ducks are swimming in the water.
  • Do you like ducks and green peas?
  • In any lot of ducks there will be found some cripples.
  • From this point on the ducks are termed yard ducks.
  • Most of the ducks produced on farms are marketed alive.
  • Feeding fattening or yard ducks from the feeding track.
  • The lake and its shores swarm with ducks and geese.
  • Dame, what makes your ducks to die?
  • Dame, what ails your ducks to die?
  • It also enables the ducks to keep their plumage clean.
  • The ducks bit him, and the hens pecked him.
  • Then funny ones of little monkeys and ducks and things.
  • In a third, stewed ducks and geese.
  • A flock of ducks passed up the river to-day.
  • A good picker should do 75 ducks or even more a day.
  • Some pickers will average as high as 100 ducks a day.
  • Your ducks and geese, always carrying it along with you.
  • The boys took to farm life like ducks to water.
  • Yorkshire boys take to horses, as ducks to the water.
  • Well, if the ducks like it, they may have it all.

How To Use Ducks In A Sentence?

  • In some packing houses, ducks are steamed before picking.
  • Oh, the wild ducks loved the little lake very much!
  • Cranes, swans, and ducks are numerous in these lagoons.
  • Where the market requires it, the ducks must be dry picked.
  • But with the Ducks it is a thousand times worse.

Definition of Ducks

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of duck | (poker slang) A pair of twos. | (Britain, chiefly Northern England, used vocatively) Dear (used as a pet name).
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