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  • And on her dulcimer she played, Singing of Mount Abora.
  • I bought a little dulcimer t'other day which belonged to good Queen Bess.
  • And on her dulcimer she play'd, Singing of Mount Abora.

How To Use Dulcimer In A Sentence?

  • And on her dulcimer she played, 40 Singing of Mount Abora.
  • From the cartoon: the figure playing the dulcimer is underneath the manger, above which is seated the Virgin and Child.

Definition of Dulcimer

(music) A stringed instrument, with strings stretched across a sounding board, usually trapezoidal. It is played on the lap or horizontally on a table. Some have their own legs. These musical instruments are played by plucking on the strings (traditionally with a quill) or by tapping on them (in the case of the hammer dulcimers).
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