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  • Away with dull care and pain!
  • There was a look of dull horror in his eyes.
  • How the dull boors exulting shout!
  • That with a dull and mournful echo rings.
  • The ocean was a dull green under the heavy sky.
  • In life the tail is dull bluish gray.
  • The words fell on ears dull to their meaning.
  • Wit and gay conceits proceed not from dull heads.
  • How dull the world would be without flowers!
  • No lark could pipe to skies so dull and gray.
  • But on one corner of the bright blade was a dull brown stain.
  • That episode in this dull house in the quiet street is over, and gone by.
  • He found the sea no longer bright and shining, but dull and green.
  • Louise was announced one dull November morning, a few days later.
  • And my branches droop, And the dull gray mosses over me grow.
  • You, who so bright were wont to blaze, Are dull as wetted straw today.
  • Vain by dull poring to divine The meaning of each hallow'd sign.
  • Why the dull ache will not depart, By which thy life-pulse is oppress'd?
  • In dull despair Gray had submitted to Lumley's plan for escaping the police.

How To Use Dull In A Sentence?

  • What a wonderful spell it was that bound me to the dull lane at the end of the town!
  • The poor little heart needed nourishment against the gloom and harass of the great dull city.
  • His hatchet was dull and rusted, and he had grown unused to the strain and hazard of the war-path.
  • A dull thud, a rush, and a rabbit goes rolling over and over entangled in the purse.
  • Although the blackcock is a noble bird in appearance, he is dull and heavy, and is easily bagged.
  • It was, perhaps, fortunate that the day had been a dull one for both Mrs. Yorke and Alice.
  • He could not engage in side-stepping discussions because they became dull and took too long to reach the information that was desired.
  • Her eyes were dull and heavy, with drooping lids beneath which a sombre glow flickered and died down.
  • The deep fire glowed for a while and then grew dull again, and the old man sank back into his former grim silence.
  • He who possesses her should guard her with vigilance; neither suffering her to be polluted by obscene, nor degraded by dull and frivolous works.
  • The belly was bluish gray with black spots laterally; the dorsum was dull brownish gray with some brownish red streaks.
  • If current in a lamp is too little, its filament either will not glow at all or merely at a dull red, insufficient for a proper signal.
  • In life the dorsum was dull brown; the chin was cream; the belly was yellow, and the underside of the tail was orange.
  • He had read the tale with lips that quivered with feeling, but as he looked up at his little audience, he met only listless eyes and dull faces.
  • I was on the high road with a vehicle, when plashes of rain began to descend, and a low muttering came from out the dull leaden clouds.
  • The rest of the body is dull red with 16 incomplete black bands one to one and one-half scales in length on the anterior two-thirds of the body.
  • A dull sound came back, like an echo, to the crack of the piece, and a paddle in the leading boat fell into the water.
  • The rain dashed fiercely against the window panes as it had on that morning, too, and the sad, dull day seemed to grow sadder and grayer.
  • In life the hatchlings had a dull dark green dorsum, pale bright green venter and stripes on head, and reddish brown iris.
  • I have, to this day, the same dull head in the matter of conundrums and perplexities which Susy had discovered in those long-gone days.
  • The French windows shook, the rain beat against the panes, and a dull booming of wind was clearly audible from outside.

Definition of Dull

Lacking the ability to cut easily; not sharp. | Boring; not exciting or interesting. | Not shiny; having a matte finish or no particular luster or brightness.
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