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  • Her senses were too dulled to shrink from him.
  • Has the pursuit of riches dulled our souls?
  • But the zest of that bright pageant was dulled for him.
  • A sharp pain dulled the pulsing of his throat.
  • In the south-west the dimness dulled to black.
  • He looked with dulled vision out upon blank days.
  • His dulled brain suddenly saw a loop-hole of escape.
  • Suffering, hunger, and drugs had dulled our senses.
  • He looked wondering, very tired, and dulled somehow.
  • His eyes seemed dulled with a peculiar faint, bluish film.
  • Her heart was dulled towards Tante.
  • The laughter and complaints of the passengers dulled down to endurance.
  • The physical labours of the night had dulled his perceptions.
  • Harrington turned away from her with a feeling of dulled resentment.
  • It dulled both the flame in her forehead and the shame in her soul.
  • But age has dulled my personal ambitions as it has cramped my powers.
  • English university education had dulled the bite of his natural fatalism.
  • Where she was concerned, his dulled senses were young again.
  • Both are of brick, now dulled and mellowed into a reddish white.
  • When next he saw the river the lunar lustre had dulled on the currents.
  • Julie's dulled mind caught the final word.
  • His moral sense is not so much dulled by experience as warped by education.
  • Heavy wooden shutters dulled the noise of the boisterous gale outside.
  • Echoing shots dulled by distance yet smote plainly on their ears.
  • Again there came to his dulled brain the sound like a distant stifled cry.
  • Suddenly the martial fire faded ashily, his eyes dulled into mournfulness.
  • He looked at David with heavy eyes dulled by an opaque film.
  • His sense of justice was never dulled by reading English law.

How To Use Dulled In A Sentence?

  • The sun had disappeared suddenly and the gleam of the blossoms dulled a trifle.
  • The glitter of his technique is dulled now, and fools even count it against him.
  • The fumes dulled his senses, and in his restless sleep he had rolled on to the stones.
  • It soon falls asleep again, dulled into torpor by the fumes of its own intolerant smugness.
  • But her ingenuousness, if it did not disarm him, at least dulled the edge of his suspicions.
  • His mind dulled by shock and misfortune, was slowly revolving forgotten scenes.
  • The taste of that crane soup clung to me all day like the memory of an old sorrow dulled by time.
  • His nerves were dulled by his night of trouble, and he waited in limp wretchedness upon his sofa.
  • It darkened all the summer days, and dulled all the usual mirth-making of the ingathering feasts.
  • The exercise, such as it was, dulled his senses and quieted a little the tumult of his mind.
  • His instincts, dulled by the worship of what the cabin had held, became keenly alive.
  • Was this only habit, routine, dulled lack of divining imagination of what another life could be?

Definition of Dulled

simple past tense and past participle of dull
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