Duly In A Sentence

How To Use Duly In A Sentence?

  • This was agreed to and the pacing duly done.
  • The coach was duly held up at dusk by highwaymen.
  • The expected proposals had been duly made that afternoon.
  • The wallet was duly deposited in the indicated place.
  • The new and full moon was duly reverenced.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Duly | Duly Sentence

  • Strang had been duly shot.
  • He was at once duly apologetic.
  • They were duly convicted.
  • John was duly consulted.
  • This retirement was duly carried out.
  • The bills had been duly honoured.
  • He was duly sworn and examined.
  • Papers have with thanks been duly received.
  • The will is all correct and duly executed.
  • These measures were duly carried out.
  • The picture will be duly sent to you.
  • She duly appeared on it and was admitted.
  • His passengers were duly interested.
  • So the examination was duly held.
  • Let our consciences be duly instructed!
  • I duly received the 26l.
  • The poem was duly read.
  • The case was sent for and duly opened.
  • Tom passed it around and it was duly admired.
  • Rights duly acquired by officials are inviolable.
  • The service began and duly proceeded.
  • The little girls were duly grateful.
  • Those painstaking efforts were duly rewarded.
  • The next night duly came.
  • I was duly thankful for the shelter we had found.
  • He merely appeared to be duly sympathetic.
  • This will be duly considered in its proper place.
  • The duke was duly forewarned of this colloquy.
  • Which then we duly burned upon the pyre.
  • The servants were duly and deeply disappointed.
  • All the coronation ceremonies were duly observed.
  • Then he pronounced us duly married.
  • Billy duly reported the state of affairs.
  • He made his call at once and was duly invited.
  • Can these principles have been duly pondered by the lords?

Definition of Duly

In a due, fit, or becoming manner; as it ought to be; properly. | Regularly; at the proper time.
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