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  • But Duncan dug up the truth for me.
  • Old Duncan was a great smoker.
  • But Duncan hated her, too.
  • He was thus enabled to succeed Duncan as king.
  • But did Duncan (my father) approve of it?
  • Seeing the excitement in the rear, Duncan came riding back.
  • If Duncan Keith refused to sell?
  • To Duncan Dolittle, iii.
  • When he asked me, he usually asked Duncan Street.
  • Before leaving for London he saw Duncan Fraser.
  • On Friday Duncan went to Trent Park.
  • Poor Duncan did not know who John Doe and Richard Roe were.
  • His constancy to Duncan and to me began to take on a rather pathetic quality.
  • William Cary Duncan (C); 12Aug68; R441552.
  • Garfield G. Duncan (A); 8Oct69; R469962.
  • When Eliphalet Duncan was about twenty he lost both of his parents.
  • They ca'd him Duncan Davison.
  • She said that Eliphalet Duncan seemed to have forgotten that she was married.
  • He was partial to keen business men and such an one was Duncan Fraser.
  • And, surely, you cannot suppose that Duncan killed Perrin with his own hand?
  • When the nephew died later, Duncan inherited, but never lived at Dhrum.
  • Neither Duncan nor I could tell how Jimmie felt about Ursula.
  • A few months afterwards Duncan McNab had given some offence to the Laird.
  • William Chesney agreed with Duncan Fraser, but made excuses for Alan.
  • As he spoke, Dechamp glanced with evident surprise at Duncan McKay.
  • The Judgment in Ejectment against Duncan McNab (Isla) was held in abeyance.

How To Use Duncan In A Sentence?

  • The voice in the corner declared that the Duncan wraith had never thought of matrimony.
  • Poor Duncan had been dead twenty-four hours when the bishop performed that nuptial farce.
  • As they did so young Duncan issued from the stable behind the house, leading out his horse.
  • She recalled the ring of indignation in his voice when her father suggested bribing Duncan Keith.
  • Well, I also observed that it gives Duncan some trouble to speak loud enough to her.
  • But Duncan and I talk at times of the young Jimmie who came years ago into our office.
  • But she did not remain long thus, for just then old Duncan McKay entered by the back-door.
  • Only one Englishman holds his own with the French painters, and he, of course, is Duncan Grant.
  • He had told her about the Duncan banshee, and the idea of having an ancestral ghost in personal attendance on her husband tickled her immensely.
  • For up to that period no one had received any encouragement to speak of, or enter into conversation about, Duncan junior.
  • They were gone so long that Duncan began to be impatient, but at last they returned, and their report was all that could be wished.
  • She was traveling with her brother and his wife, and as they journeyed from hotel to hotel Duncan went with them, and filled out the quartette.
  • The traditions of the house told that the Barons of Duncan had again and again felt a premonition of ill fortune.
  • As Duncan had been getting out of bed for several days before, Dan found him dressed and sitting up.

Definition of Duncan

A male given name; the name of two early saints and of two kings of Scotland. | A surname‚Äč. | Several places in the U.S.A. and one in Canada.
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