Dunk in a sentence

Definition of Dunk

To submerge briefly in a liquid. | To set down carelessly. | (transitive, intransitive, basketball) To put the ball directly downward through the hoop while grabbing onto the rim with power.

How to use Dunk in a Sentence?

  • Andy was much pleased with the two young ladies to whom Dunk introduced him later.
  • Andy and Dunk gasped at the mention of a thousand dollars, but the lawyer only smiled quietly.
  • Andy was about to go to the "eating joint" alone when Dunk came in whistling gaily.
  • When Gaffington saw Dunk in charge of his friends he and the others turned aside.
  • He looked about the tables, and saw Dunk at one, regarding him with a rather uncertain eye.
  • And as Andy did a little of necessary studying he could not help wondering where Dunk would end.
  • They spent a pleasant evening, and Andy and Dunk were back in their room at a reasonable hour.
  • When Andy got back to his room, after bidding Chet good-bye, Dunk had not come in.
  • If Dunk wanted to break off their friendship that was his affair, but he might have done it more quietly.
  • Sorry that Dunk had allowed his resolution to be broken, but glad that he had been able to stop his friend in time.
  • Andy followed, and at the sound of his footsteps coming to a pause outside the portal Dunk peered out.
  • Andy and Dunk were settling down to the grind of study, making it as easy as they could for themselves, as did the other students.
  • Then he remembered several things, and his start of surprise made Dunk look at his chum in a strange way.
  • Link was brought out before the judge, having first had a conference with the lawyer Dunk and Andy had engaged.
  • He had listened to the retreating footsteps of Dunk and Mortimer as the boys passed down the corridor, laughing.
  • Andy told Dunk of his connection in the affair and was advised to keep quiet, which Andy thought wise to do.
  • The studies of the second term were of increasing difficulty, and Andy and Dunk found they had to buckle down to steady work.
  • Andy and Dunk sat in their room, thankful that it was Saturday night, with late chapel and no lessons on the morrow.

Short Example Sentence for Dunk

  • Surely Dunk was a college brother.
  • He had helped to take Dunk away.
  • The next day Dunk was complimented on his recitation.
  • And Dunk thrust the ten dollar bill into his pocket.
  • Mortimer put his arm around Dunk and whispered in his ear.
  • Andy cried, clapping Dunk on the back as they came out.
  • But Andy and Dunk ignored their chums.
  • Failing in that they besought Andy and Dunk to come out.
  • Then Andy and Dunk made a quick leap and caught him.
  • But Dunk would not, for which Andy was glad.
  • In the days that followed Andy watched Dunk closely.
  • Andy noticed that Dunk was slipping back into his old habits.
  • Then came a period when Dunk went to pieces in his recitations.
  • There were cries and appeals to remain, but Dunk heeded them not.
  • Andy and Dunk went back to their room, to do some necessary studying.
  • It was so easy to go to his room, and leave Dunk to look after himself.
  • He hoped Dunk would come with him, but that was rather doubtful.
  • Andy found Dunk in the room, and excitedly broke the news to him.
  • Andy tried to get Dunk interested in football, and did to a certain extent.
  • Andy noticed, too, with more relief, that Dunk only took one glass.
  • But Dunk held himself well in hand, for which Andy was very glad.
  • Following the dramatic scene in Burke's, Dunk had gone out.

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