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  • This was called duplex telegraphy.
  • The duplex aspect of needlework.
  • Harum duplex modus est.
  • Represents a duplex 500-mile telegraph-line.
  • The quadruplex consists of two duplex sets upon one wire.
  • Way duplex system, Ch.
  • In Duplex Street at last!
  • They were busy in Duplex Street as usual.
  • He stopped once; should he go to Duplex Street?
  • Affair in Duplex 9B, The.
  • In duplex telegraphy we use what is called a differential magnet.
  • Occasionally a man adopts the duplex character, but with deplorable result.

How To Use Duplex In A Sentence?

  • When my mind was most lucid there was a distinct duplex action in regard to the duration of time.
  • Numerus enim duplex est, unus quidem quo numeramus, alter uero qui in rebus numerabilibus constat.
  • Has it not been cruel, scandalous, abominable to her and our friends at Duplex Street?
  • With duplex engines and a double crew, (It's "manned" by mermaids when it's hid from view).
  • He brought out duplex telegraphy and suggested a printing telegraph for the use of gold and stock quotations.
  • Gerald had placed the two profiles, one on each side of the mirror, and with a duplex glass was studying his own in connection with them.
  • And then he told Catherine more fully of his ambition and gave her a glimpse of the hidden side of his duplex nature.
  • Janet, however, was a good deal at Duplex Street, and there used to be some mournful old minor quartettes played.
  • One of the wires strung on the poles nearest to the track was fitted up with a vibrator and key at the end of the line similar to that of the Way duplex just described.
  • Matters wore a rather serious aspect at Duplex Street; for a whole month Jared had been enjoying all the sensations known only to the wealthy.
  • A curious circumstance, which may be explained by a duplex character of the matter forming a cometary tail, is the great difference between the visual and photographic aspect of these bodies.

Definition of Duplex

Double, made up of two parts. | (telecommunications) Bidirectional (in two directions). | To make duplex.
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