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How To Use Duplicated In A Sentence?

  • The track was being duplicated by a few hundred miles to keep abreast of the floods of it.
  • Orders for $300,000,000 of war goods already received must be duplicated several times.
  • All Venerian germs that are duplicated on Earth will be left out of our calculations.
  • The contrast between believing and knowing is duplicated in that between philosophy and natural science.
  • The equalization of educational opportunity does not at all mean the same duplicated method or content for all.
  • A key to this gate had been intrusted to the young man, and he had duplicated it for the girl who had just left him.
  • Obvious typographical errors have been altered, for example where a word was duplicated or a letter duplicated around a hyphen.
  • All delivery pipes should be duplicated and blown out regularly by water under pressure; they should also be protected from frost.
  • Two former records were duplicated and seven of the remaining fourteen species noted were from four to fourteen days later than the average.
  • These devices can be duplicated by our skilful mechanics, but would not be worth very much these enlightened days as a lucrative investment.
  • The Bridge has not only been honestly built, but it may be safely asserted that it could not now be duplicated at the same cost.
  • So many people are averse, and justly so, to having their paintings duplicated that I feel my request almost an impertinence.
  • The reaction struck Bill as funny, because it duplicated experiences he had had and seen, but he made an effort to suppress his mirth.
  • Perhaps, therefore, they were originally the spirits of the five planets duplicated according to their appearance in the evening and morning.
  • It was as if the monotonous beat of the music were duplicated in some sounding mirror, some mirror that magnified hideously, hideously mimicked the melody.
  • Moreover, each so admirably duplicated the other in voice and mannerisms that only near relatives or intimate friends could be certain which was speaking if the owner of the voice remained invisible.
  • We laughed at them, as did the Commissary men, who, nevertheless, duplicated the rations already received, and sent them away happy and content.
  • The atmosphere and gravity of Rythar duplicated that of Earth; Rythar should have become the largest colony in the system.
  • The fire duplicated their number with their shadows, and occasionally he eyed these semblances speculatively as they stretched on the sandy ground or skulked in the underbrush behind their unconscious principals.
  • Hence there are no duplicated lines, no discriminations in rates, no cities at the mercy of railroad corporations, no industries favored by railroad managers and none destroyed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Duplicated | Duplicated Sentence

  • Then it must be duplicated in wood.
  • Could it be duplicated on Earth?
  • The stab-wounds in the face were duplicated with unpleasant fidelity.
  • Five times more the Kansan did this, and Merriwell duplicated the performance.
  • It was duplicated and sent by each of the rival telegraph lines to New York.

Definition of Duplicated

past participle of duplicate
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