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  • Is this duplicity on her part?
  • Only this, just this is where the duplicity lies.
  • The slightest duplicity destroys confidence.
  • In a mind thus constituted, duplicity can never dwell.
  • What duplicity had Eileen been guilty of now?
  • I expected to outwit the bird by a duplicity that was simplicity itself.
  • What do you think the world would call such duplicity of conduct?
  • In so many familiar ways this duplicity towards what is real is manifest.
  • If there were duplicity in this, Honora did not recognize it.
  • There are accusations of moral duplicity among Latin-American peoples.

How To Use Duplicity In A Sentence?

  • For the knowledge of his deceit and duplicity had made her beside herself with rage.
  • Possibly its spectroscopic duplicity may have something to do with the variation in its light.
  • The second thought is the open door to duplicity when it comes to a question of morals.
  • Abstraction and duplicity both suggest limitations, though these may not be unmixed.
  • Simple honesty was in one heart, while duplicity and low cunning filled the other.
  • The mother of bigotry and superstitious fear; the father of duplicity and craven cowardice!
  • The depths of duplicity that must lurk under that sweet and innocent exterior . . .
  • No one realized more fully than did this man the duplicity and cunning of the Breed.
  • McGillivray, duplicity of; repudiated by Creeks; loss of influence; death of.
  • Somehow, Leslie could never believe Eileen quite as full of duplicity as Phyllis thought her.
  • It was not the face of a man who finds himself confronted with the discovery of his duplicity and his hypocrisy.
  • There is none but a strict and faithful dealing at home, and a severe barring out of all duplicity or illusion there.
  • If he suspects you of anything in the shape of duplicity or treachery and you are innocent, you have really nothing to fear.
  • Practicing the art of duplicity in simulating physical ailments will, if persisted in, establish nosophobia.
  • And, if more, what so surely as universal duplicity and self-opposition can ensure at once its vitality and its integrity?
  • She had forgotten his duplicity and the cold-blooded mercenary game he had played, but the memory of it returned with his first words.
  • The very honesty of such a man is pernicious; a little duplicity might have softened the outward manifestations of his hard nature.
  • Always an age, conspicuously and characteristically scientific, has been an age of clearly developed classes and of a general duplicity in living.
  • His appointment gives a fair measure of the depths of duplicity to which the Prussian system could descend.
  • Despite the one great act of duplicity which shadowed his whole life, Ronald was true and honorable.
  • The plea may be made that he was apprehensive of duplicity on the part of the Mohawk chief, but this does not wholly excuse his conduct.
  • I ask, whether you have ever found men, who were acting and writing with duplicity and sinister intentions, reproach or expose themselves?
  • At any moment in this land of instability, the fires which have been kindled by German bad faith and duplicity may break into a conflagration.
  • As for that variety of humor that is called irony, it demands a duplicity which the straight-out-speaking Roosevelt could not practise.
  • The garment of duplicity was gossamer, he felt, after all, in such atmosphere of loyalty and trust as surrounded him at Rosedale.
  • Its duplicity was detected by Dr. Hooke while watching the passage of a comet near the star in 1664.
  • He can believe neither Wallenstein's purpose of treason nor his father's duplicity in dealing behind the back of his great commander.
  • The natural duplicity of the Oriental had been abashed and inactive before the simple and astounding honesty of these two Quaker folk.
  • I felt that it had been my duplicity which had destroyed her virtuous resolutions; my selfishness which had ruined her peace of mind and had plunged her into guilt.
  • The naive realist has no need of the hypothesis of a knower, since he can furnish an adequate physical account of the numerical duplicity of the star.

Definition of Duplicity

Intentional deceptiveness; double-dealing.
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