During His In A Sentence

How To Use During His In A Sentence?

  • Finlay, who had knelt during his last appeal, fell forward.
  • During his absence Ruxton never stirred a muscle.
  • During his last days Estelle spent much time with him.
  • During his absence, Ling posted his letters.
  • In Italy during his early life, the style being Italian.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For During His | During His Sentence

  • Trade flourished during his reign.
  • Who was oppressed during his administration?
  • Milton did not speak during his passage.
  • During his life he controls it.
  • She had been into his room during his absence.
  • He had occupied it during his stay in the house.
  • Two men had come in during his absence.
  • During his speech a man interrupted.
  • This conviction remained with him during his lifetime.
  • During his absence she was delivered of a daughter.
  • Why should he know what had occurred during his absence?
  • During his swoon it had worked loose.
  • During his labor the bees had settled all over him.
  • Her cards should be printed as during his lifetime.
  • Who was it that dogged his steps during his walk?
  • It often stormed during his visit.
  • The arts flourished during his reign.
  • Was it possible that the boat had turned during his sleep?
  • He said he had admired her home during his runs.
  • And during his walk he did come to a certain resolution.
  • What important events happened during his lifetime?
  • He had not been idle during his short stay in his capital.
  • This lasted during his two watches for the day.
  • He held them in great regard during his life.
  • They had sucked him dry during his busy life.
  • During his absence, the lady had been fretting.
  • During his courtship love was an all-absorbing topic.
  • During his term of office he wore episcopal vestments.
  • During his journey there, he seemed in deep thought.
  • During his time, nothing of moment occurred at the place.
  • During his time, it rained pure blood for three days.
  • He wanted Kitty out of town during his absence.
  • During his absence a Zulu came to waggon.
  • During his reign a Kassite invasion was repulsed.
  • No Witchcraft prosecutions during his term of office.
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