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  • One supposed it to have fallen there during the revolutionary war.
  • You throw the picture on the screen during the intermissions.
  • The improvvisatore had shown many symptoms of impatience during this recital.
  • I did suffer during a year or two from the deep humiliations of that episode.
  • Gnatong had been an important place during the last Sikkim Expedition.
  • The grounds were in scarcely better keeping than during my uncle's lifetime.

How To Use During In A Sentence?

  • He had reared no crop to supply the wants of his household during the sterility of winter.
  • I met two major-generals of my acquaintance at different points during the journey.
  • I will merely advert to the extraordinary calm that pervaded the audience during the first part.
  • I was determined to have water close at hand, in case my thirst became torturing during the night.
  • It had been one of the strongholds of the Indians during their wars with the first colonists.
  • My heart had gradually been filling during my lonely wanderings; it was now charged to the brim and overflowed.
  • He was wont to sit beside me during that operation, and watch proceedings with absorbed and judicial interest.
  • About half the seats were occupied when the second entertainment began, but during the programme as many more came in.
  • The red-haired young lady had sent her, and she became a mainstay of practical comfort to us during our visit.
  • Gray had not slept during the day, and he hardly expected to sleep during the night; he felt too feverishly eager for the morning.
  • Nor did we see aught of him during the next few minutes that we spent glaring at Bevans and the surrounding territory.
  • Old Sam now readily recognized the overhanging rock under which his skiff had been sheltered during the thunder-gust.
  • The proficiency which I had acquired in his art during my residence in the convent had made me an enthusiastic amateur.
  • He would hang on for another few years, no doubt; during that time he must try to make his wife happy.
  • My sufferings during the few seconds before I found courage to confide this misfortune to our new friend were considerable.
  • I was so careful, during ten years, that I had not a doubt that my suppressions had been successful.
  • Being the Diary of the Wife of an Imperial Yeomanry Officer during the Boer War.
  • Spinoza, who had but few followers during his lifetime, has been almost idolized by the most celebrated savants of modern Germany.
  • At this era I hated the violin, just as pianoforte students hate the pianoforte during the period of apprenticeship to mechanism.
  • Indeed, one might always tell when he had sinned most during the week, by the clamor of his Sunday devotion.
  • Before Wolfert left his home he counselled his wife and daughter to go to bed, and feel no alarm if he should not return during the night.
  • Twice during that time the Police camp moved, and we had to be wary, for they scoured the surrounding territory with painstaking thoroughness.
  • You see Laird was not the only person whom I had tried to reform during my occupancy of the editorial chair.
  • Badly known, despised by the most illustrious of his contemporaries, Spinoza died in obscurity, and remained buried during a century.
  • There were the alleys in which I had so often walked with Bianca; the same shades under which we had so often sat during the noontide.
  • They have motor cycles, motor boats, canoes, etc., and during their vacations go everywhere and have all sorts of thrilling adventures.
  • I remember an instance of a fairly senior captain calling on a regimental mess and being entertained during his visit by the only officer of that regiment then present.
  • From all he had learned and seen during his brief visit there, Randy had been led to believe that Pep would return with waving colors.
  • No man needed to starve in that country during those days of plentiful game; but we were handicapped by the necessity of doing our hunting in a very surreptitious manner.
  • He noticed that she wore a loose white jacket, and once during the reading of the act he was conscious of a beautiful hand hanging over the rail of the chair.
  • He had employed no physician during his illness, and from the scanty relics lying on the table, seemed almost to have denied himself the assistance of a cook.
  • No three year-old that ever lived could be more exasperating than he sometimes was during that ordeal or could show a more pronounced distaste for the bondage of civilized garments.
  • The conversation during dinner was by fits and starts; breaking out here and there in various parts of the table in small flashes, and ending in smoke.
  • It is intended to be used with children during the age when they especially delight in the making of collections, and is intended to turn to a definite use this childish instinct.

Definition of During

For all of a given time interval. | At any time or period within a given time interval. | present participle of dure
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