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  • There was a silence during which no movement was made.
  • There was a little pause, during which neither spoke.
  • I dozed again, during which time someone removed the tray.
  • This after a pause during which he eyed Chot narrowly.
  • A truce followed, during which Nelson removed his ships.
  • A sharp engagement followed, during which 2nd Lieut.
  • A short pause followed, during which I scarcely breathed.
  • There was a silence during which all gave themselves to prayer.
  • This was proved in the years during which this plan was tried.
  • No day ever passed during which he did not manage to see her.
  • Those were mournful days during which she lay in that tower-room.
  • I asked after a while, during which my friend had been silent.
  • Note the years during which they met no sensible or only a fitful opposition.
  • This period marks the time during which pollination can occur.
  • There was silence for a time, during which he sat with his gaze on her.
  • A lifetime during which everything was centered around this one person.
  • And now came a moment during which the children literally held their breath.
  • Another half-hour passed, during which no interruption was heard.
  • There was a pause, during which the doctor sat back in his chair.
  • There was a brief silence, during which the girls plied their needles.
  • There was silence, during which the girl locked and unlocked her fingers.
  • There was a short pause, during which her mother seemed to be thinking.
  • An hour slowly passed, during which he lay restless and wakeful.
  • Then he lay on the bed for a couple of days, during which he hardly spoke.
  • Winter was a dreary period, during which a man bore his fate and suffered.

How To Use During Which In A Sentence?

  • Are the years during which we have known each other to count for nothing?
  • This was after a period of months during which his abode had been in complete darkness.
  • They acted in these matters in the periods during which the censors were not in office.
  • There was a long succession of months during which things went on after this fashion.
  • There is a limit to the time during which a man can do even routine work effectively.
  • All this swept across his mind in that instant during which he remained irresolute from surprise.
  • There was another pause, during which pipes were refilled and lighted once more.
  • I have not dwelt upon the days of travel during which we passed down the length of these lakes.
  • Gedge was silent for a few minutes, during which they still watched the scene below.
  • He remained there for a few seconds, during which they were unable to distinguish his movements.
  • The stone is then lowered slowly, during which there should be appropriate music.
  • In this spirit he remained for a time, during which their relations were of the closest.
  • He danced devotedly every minute during which he was not engaged in making others dance.
  • His voice beguiled the many weary hours during which she patiently sat on her nest.
  • Birds and boys alike throng the trees through the long period during which these berries ripen.

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