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  • He had taken wider ranges than my duties had ever entailed on me.
  • Return to your people, and accomplish the duties of a good man.
  • The routine of set duties prevented the boys from prolonging the conversation.
  • The prior of the town of Jerusalem had peculiar duties to perform.
  • Canada exacts duties on English goods, and England cannot help herself.
  • Mirk's Duties of a Parish Priest.

How To Use Duties In A Sentence?

  • The duties of the clergy of the order were nearly the same as those of monks in general.
  • Any thing was a variety from the dry studies and monotonous duties of the cloister.
  • The situation and its duties have been created by super-human and natural ordinance.
  • She seated herself before the tea tray and insisted upon performing her duties as hostess.
  • The duties on goods are also collected there, being leased out, but they do not amount to much.
  • He was generous and just, and strict in the observance of all the duties of Islam.
  • Not much time in such a life of planned hours, tasks, and duties to think of women.
  • The duties for which I made you, and which you are to perform, are not yet finished.
  • My lot was to command a squad of veterans whose duties for years had been confined to the supply of the army.
  • He killed those of whom he stood in fear, and gave their captaincies and duties to those whom he thought proper.
  • It is not the same place and function for each: but for each the position and duties are predetermined in this metaphysically-physical order.
  • How little peace had fallen to her lot, that she should prize the quiet and homeliness of her duties in our chambers!
  • You are unequal to the task: if you quarrel with me in the cause of a seducer, you are unfit to teach me the duties of a citizen.
  • Miss Battledown was generally believed to have very proper ideas as to her duties and responsibilities as an heiress.
  • These handicraft-brethren practised the usual religious duties of the order, and were even allowed to be present at chapters.
  • Since 1868 new departments had been opened, and new duties had been created, and they wanted more room.
  • But he had never forgotten that one of the first duties of any ruler is to be, in some sense, a priest unto his people.
  • He attended to his duties as a magistrate, and to the management of his estate, but seldom went beyond the lodge gates.
  • On the other hand they will, without complaint, pay such duties as have been long customary, because they consider themselves born to these.
  • But no more are required, as the Oeliaars perform many of the duties for which slaves would be otherwise required.
  • This was considered a good plan by all, and they intended to seek Doris after her duties were over and put some leading questions to her.
  • When she had finished her duties by taking away the things, and putting the tea-table into a corner, the two friends drew up to the fire.
  • Seated on the grass in squads, according to their tribes, they listened while he addressed them and told them of their duties to the English crown.
  • The Kurd stalked in, and, saying that here his duties ended, demanded a sum at least a third greater than that agreed upon.
  • His parliamentary duties were exacting, but he proposed to keep coming up and fighting duels between trains until all those officials had been retired from the activities of life.
  • The Dessave must therefore maintain discipline among them, and take care that no men bound to perform other duties are entered as Lascoreens.
  • He showed in this and other voyages such aptitude for his duties that he was made an acting lieutenant by his commander previous to his receiving his commission from Government.
  • It cannot be otherwise than becoming in a youth, now in his nineteenth year, to combine his duties towards his benefactor and foster-father with those of his education and progress.
  • This toll could be farmed out, and the farmers authorized to collect the duty at the passes, no further duties being imposed whether the nuts are exported or not.
  • The postmen, having in the discharge of their duties to be early birds and to be first out and about in the morning, often pick up articles lost or deposited overnight.
  • Henry always joined my watch about nine in the evening, when his own duties were ended, and we often walked my rounds and chatted together until midnight.
  • To supply the deficiency in revenue which the lowered duties might be expected to produce there was added an income tax law, which had recently been permitted by constitutional amendment.
  • This mood was deepened by the death of the oldest of the almshouse dames, a feeble crone of eighty-four, who had recently been unable to perform her duties as attendant.
  • In pursuit of his lime-light duties the transatlantic hustler, who had been engaged because he was such, reported to the manager one day that he had accomplished a feat on which he had been plodding for weeks.

Definition of Duties

plural of duty
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