Dwarfed In A Sentence

Definition of Dwarfed

simple past tense and past participle of dwarf

How To Use Dwarfed In A Sentence?

  • But what about all the poor dwarfed and stunted creatures that are crippled from infancy?
  • The triviality of the dinner had been in those two minutes dwarfed and drowned in my mind.
  • The place resembled a stadium, and was so vast that he felt dwarfed to nothingness.
  • The school has never obscured or dwarfed genius, nor is it probable it ever will.
  • His voice evoked a ragged husband who came up out of a cellar doorway eating a dwarfed banana.
  • Children born of over-worked mothers, are liable to be a dwarfed and puny race.
  • The five did not think much of the soldiers, who seemed to them to be dwarfed and without zeal.
  • By now he dwarfed the houses, his body looming a hundred and fifty feet into the sky.
  • These dwarfed shoots persist, never getting ahead further than a few inches outside the bark.
  • Ponies and men were dwarfed into Lilliputians under the amazing canopy of its branches.
  • All of these species, however, are greatly dwarfed in numbers by the common house fly.
  • A heap of dwarfed spruce, gnarled and wet and cut to proper stove-length, lay to one side.
  • But if this Atmosphere is not, the dwarfed soul must perish for mere want of its native air.
  • Even Stanton, tall as he was, seemed dwarfed by the strong personality of the music master.
  • The jesters of Marie de Medici made fun of their own hunched backs or dwarfed forms.
  • As for the town of San Diego itself, the dwarfed and stunted little city, she went crazy with joy.
  • The tower is high, but it is dwarfed by the tower of the Grand Junction Waterworks near at hand.
  • The restoration of stolen goods was probably dwarfed in his mind by the importance of capturing the stealers.
  • Here was a thing that dwarfed every interest of life and made life itself a triviality by comparison.
  • Humanity is absolutely dwarfed and its powers rendered inoperative by the crowd of supernatural creatures that control its destiny.
  • Whether or not it had the qualities that make for endurance, it had a present force that dwarfed every other emotion.
  • They did not spring from the wrong she had suffered, or from the depths of her nature, which had been dwarfed and darkened.
  • The hairy fist indicated the rotten monuments of moss-covered punk shouldering over the dwarfed bushes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dwarfed | Dwarfed Sentence

  • It dwarfed the anger of the crowd.
  • Here they are only dwarfed by grander peaks.
  • Suddenly a new sensation dwarfed that of the donkeys.
  • Separate objects are dwarfed in the long vista.
  • Dwarfs in any species tend to have dwarfed root systems.
  • But his gravest attention was devoted to the one that dwarfed all the others.
  • The dwarfed and distorted antler hung down like a plough-share.
  • They dwarfed the rig and team; she felt herself a pygmy by comparison.
  • She knew it by a dwarfed tree, a landmark in the naked country.
  • I have known men who felt dwarfed in the presence of vast and awful things.
  • How often have great minds been cramped by sickly, dwarfed bodies!
  • The "extensive shrubbery" consisted of several dwarfed trees.
  • The faculties, dwarfed and starved in the old time, called for activity.
  • Behind, the forest he had already left lay dwarfed in a ruled, serried line.
  • Where else?" replied the dwarfed Ump.
  • Ivan, in turning, cast his eye upon the little dwarfed figure of Nikol.
  • True, great civilizations have been dwarfed or broken by the Change War.

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