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  • For ten months he dwelled there, known as Knight George.
  • His eyes, however, dwelled on her with a smile that conveyed sympathy.
  • No rattlesnake, no lizard, no scorpion dwelled in this burning sand.

How To Use Dwelled In A Sentence?

  • There was a great concourse of people, for half the countryside dwelled on our land.
  • The kitchen in which they moved, the house in which they dwelled were no longer the perceptions of a perceiver.
  • She knew that she had dwelled always in the forest, and how could she know the music of noble lords and ladies?
  • For at the magic of a kindly word, he had flown to the topmost boughs, and there he dwelled for evermore.
  • Letty's vanity Dwelled within her as she read over the list of her engagements.
  • It must often have been such as this in the great Teutonic forest where my ancestors dwelled thousands of years ago.
  • And often the saint visited Connactia and Momonia, working miracles in each; and in each he dwelled for the space of seven years.
  • But in the darkness of the night the tooth lying in the river shone as a radiant star, and the brightness thereof attracted all who dwelled near to behold and to admire.
  • So Sir Marhaus dwelled with the earl nigh half a year, for he was sore bruised with the giant, and at the last he took his leave.
  • Now in Holmes Water glen there dwelled many who would receive me gladly and give me shelter and food if I sought it.
  • In the meanwhile my lord dwelled in his decent mansion, immersed in farming; a popular man with his intimates, and careless or unconscious of the rest.
  • So dwelled Launcelot and Galahad within that ship half a year, and served God daily and nightly with all their power.

Definition of Dwelled

(mostly US) simple past tense and past participle of dwell
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