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  • Most of the stones of the old castle had gone to form dykes in the neighbourhood.
  • They rushed across the rice fields, whose low dykes gave little protection from the enemy.
  • Mr. Dykes groaned, but decided that it was not safe to offer any further objections.
  • As I approached Furnes, the dykes were being opened and half the fields were already inundated.
  • Mr. Dykes having been dismissed, chief-engineer McPhulach was summoned to the cabin.
  • When they had gone, Calamity arose and made his way to the bridge, where Mr. Dykes was on watch.
  • Leyden was relieved by the desperate device of cutting the dykes and opening the sluices to flood the land around it.
  • Those confounded dykes have drained me heavily, and they'll keep right on costing money.
  • In volcanic districts, the rocks are often traversed by more or less vertical dykes or veins of igneous matter.
  • The ranges on the left bank had on them dykes like artificial ones, which run at different places across the hills.
  • People dwelt in a false security, and the dykes were gradually growing weaker, until at last the catastrophe came.
  • You may fancy your open profession of piety, your honesty and charity, make dykes to the narrow way.
  • Palmer therefore saw no cause to discontinue his labours, the work of Dykes not at all trenching on his own ideal of what such a book should be.
  • Near noon we came to a little cattle ranch situated in a flat surrounded by red dykes and buttes after the manner of Arizona.
  • The line here ran through miles and miles of fen country, more or less drained by dykes and rivers, but still wild and desolate enough.
  • For a moment Mr. Dykes was so overcome with mingled astonishment and indignation that he could not speak.
  • Over large areas in the Truckee quadrangle the andesite masses consist of breccias containing numerous dykes and necks of massive andesite....
  • Mr. Dykes alone occasionally assumed a patronisingly masculine attitude, towards which, so far, the girl had shown no resentment.
  • Mr. Dykes paused, and, leaning his back against the opposite bulkhead, stuck both hands in his pockets and assumed an air of weary resignation.
  • Its summit cut sharply against the sky, but its slopes were blurred and gray and the stone dykes that ran toward its foot had lost their continuity of outline.
  • Later on, when Mr. Dykes conveyed his impressions to the chief engineer, the latter merely nodded without evincing the slightest surprise.
  • To ca' their dead away, And shot auld dykes aboon the lave, In gutters where they lay.
  • Its sanctuary could not have been founded before the marshes had been, at all events, partially drained, and the inundating rivers been regulated by dykes and canals.
  • The cottages, in number about a dozen, look very Scotch from the ship, with their white walls, straw roofs, and stone dykes around them.
  • On this country we found abundance of waterholes, some of which were divided from each other by sandstone dykes and contained fresh, and others brackish, water.
  • The man walked away, somewhat unwillingly Mr. Dykes thought, which made him all the more angry and determined to carry out his plan.
  • Thaine knew that around that bend and behind the rice dykes and in the nearby trenches were Filipino insurgents with finger on the trigger ready to begin an assault.
  • Do you remember the long, lonely path between two ragged little dykes that led from the Den to the house of the Painted Lady?
  • At all events, in the channel and the dykes one may pretty well do as one likes, and no attempt has ever been made to set up an exclusive right to the rivers.

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  • Only the tops of the dykes were visible.
  • Mr. Dykes shook his head gloomily.
  • Mr. Dykes started and even looked shocked.
  • Edited by J. Dykes Campbell.
  • Up to the very top of the dykes was a turbulent waste of waters.
  • What is the origin of the dykes of modern volcanic districts?
  • Long fields and stone dykes swept behind into the trail of dust.
  • But Mr. Dykes was becoming very dissatisfied with things as they were.
  • He turned to Mr. Dykes and in a few words explained what he wanted done.
  • Later on that day Mr. Dykes urged the request again at Miss Fletcher's desire.

Definition of Dykes

plural of dyke
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