Dynamics In A Sentence

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  • The dynamics of industrial democracy.
  • Then he wondered what the dynamics of an asteroid were.
  • Social Dynamics regards sequences.
  • The spirit of nationality is one of the great dynamics of modern times.

How To Use Dynamics In A Sentence?

  • The dynamics of school integration; problems and approaches in a northern city.
  • He wondered if the Westinghouse man had ever done any work on the dynamics of an asteroid.
  • Monet adheres to graphic transcription for the purpose of presenting the dynamics of a mood-producing phase of nature.
  • But this giant-talk, this megaphone-and-buskin method, offers us a problem in dynamics which staggers the imagination.
  • The dynamics of industrial democracy, by Clinton S. Golden & Harold J. Ruttenberg.
  • The localized dynamics of fear development are still unintelligible; we do not know what psychic energies are released or from what psychic systems they are derived.

Definition of Dynamics

(mechanics) The branch of mechanics that is concerned with the effects of forces on the motion of objects. | (music) The volume of the sound, such as piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, and forte.
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